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Kitten Attack! (long)

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I am writing this (or trying to write, what with a kitten tangled up in the mouse cable, off to buy some no chew spray next) at K + 2:55 (2 hours 55 minutes after kitten arrival). It has been one of the busiest three hours of my life. Timeline follows:

K -4 Feed Kjartan (1yo NFO neuter approx. 13 lb)his noon meal, one hour early, and set out for General Mitchell Airport to pick up Lofdi (the new kitten, NFO Male probably about 3 lb).

K -2:30 Arrive at Midwest Express Freight Terminal, find out flight will not arrive until 1:00 PM (in 30 Minutes). Cargo should be available at 1:30. Go to lunch at Denny's.

K -1:40 Return to Air Freight Terminal to pick up kitten. He is there and looks fine, meows a couple of times on the way out to the car. Kitten is quiet for the entire car ride home.

K Hour Home again, Home again, jiggedy jig. Kitten meows a little when I pick up his carrier and take him in. I set carrier down in living room, Kjartan runs up to see what this is. New kitten (who has spent entire time huddled at back of carrier since I saw him) comes to see what is sniffing his cage. Kjartan hisses (for the first time ever). New Kitten is not impressed, sniffs back. Carrier and New Kitten go into my room, Kjartan gets tossed out.

K + 0:01 New kitten instantly leaps out of cage as soon as it is open, pausing only for a bite of food from the door bowl on the way out.

K + 0:05 Call breeder to let them know of safe arrival. New kitten is done exploring bed, comes to check me out. New Kitten purrs for daddy on the other end of the line. Spend 25 minutes after phone call cuddling with new kitten (merely a misdirection).

K + 0:30 Open door to go give some love to Kjartan, who is meowing by the door. Spend some time with Kjartan and read roomate's ToyFare Magazine (only thing laying around to read at moment).

K + 1:15 Return to room to see new kitten some more. Spend about ten more minutes cuddling. By this time New Kitten has fallen off of everything in room he can climb, including me and the scratching post (apparently if you retract your claws while clinging to a scratching post, ta da! you fall off).

K + 1:25 Open door to placate Kjartan who is whining again. As I pick him up New Kitten bolts out the door (So much for keeping New Kitten in my room to adjust). Ever the resourceful type I let New Kitten go on a run and bring Kjartan into my room. Make several shuttle runs between New Kitten, who goes into the bathroom and mews as loud as he can at me, then runs around as soon as I come out.[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[]nm41 (Lofdi says hi) and Kjartan.

K + 1:50 Go out of room to find New Kitten, who is strangely silent. Find he has made way into roomate's room and woken him from his nap and is now cuddling with roomate. Just as well as roomate needs to get up and go to work now.

K + 2 Roomate leaving for work, on way out he opens my door to say bye to Kjartan, New Kitten bolts into my room; the showdown begins. Amazingly enough round one goes to New Kitten. Decide to let them go at it a little more since no one is hissing or growling.

K + 2:15 Decide to seperate cats as all Kjartan does is chase New Kitten and sit on him. Kjartan goes back into room.

K + 2:20 New Kitten plays with EVERYTHIGN on floor that is smaller than a cat food bowl (lint, toy mousie, furballs, milk jug rings etc...).

K + 2:30 Take a bathroom break. New Kitten decides to join me. New kitten decides he wants in my lap (while I am on the toilet)and leaps up there, missing and digging in his claws into my leg then flailing until he gets in my lap. Leg looks like it has been flayed and is dripping blood.

K + 2:45 Bathroom break done. Sit down to write tale of new kitten. New Kitten leaps up onto me while I sit at computer from every angle. Go put jeans back on. Sit down again. New Kitten climbs onto back from back of chair and then onto head. This continues throughout entire tale. Decide I may need to purchase leather chaps to save my legs and pants.
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LOL That is great! It sounds like you, Kjartan and the new kitten are going to have so much fun! Have you named him yet?

Please post pics in the pics forum as soon as you can - I'd love to see this little rascal!

Also why is the Norwegian Forest cat called the NFO?
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LOL! It's a kitten kamakazee commando! Welcome to the club and thanks for such an entertaining tail..I mean tale!
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Oh, OK I get it now. Norwegian FOrest cat.
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OMG how funny .
My congrats on the new kitten , oh yea and have fun too lol .
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K + 5:00 Kamikaze Commando Kitten has won all three rounds vs. Kjartan. Me and Kjartan barricade ourselves in my room.

K + 5:10 Kamikaze Commando Kitten apparently views closed doors as a personal affront. He runs between each closed door in the house and wails like a little kitty banshee at each one. I feel like I am under siege.

Note: Leopard Geckoes do not give one rat's rear end about all of this.
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Don't worry! The little warrior should conk out any second now. If not, I advise that you and Kjartan get into tank with Leopard Geckos.
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So, what breed of Kitten is the new baby? From your account, he sounds like a Bengal.
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Ooh Ooh! I can answer that one! LOL I had to look it up. An NFO is a Norwegian Forest Cat *Kumbulu says proudly*
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So are you going to name him KCK? LOL I would love to see photos, absolutely love that breed!
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Well, he's a going concern, isn't he! What a hoot! Yes, please, pics and lots of them. I have a feeling the antics are going to be spectacular.
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Originally posted by Kumbulu
Ooh Ooh! I can answer that one! LOL I had to look it up. An NFO is a Norwegian Forest Cat
Which in thise case is some bizzare euphemisim for "Viking Berzerker."
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LOL! So much for the poor little thing being totally intimidated by the flight, new surroundings, and new people!
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Right! "Poor little thing" my eye! He can take care of himself -- at least when it comes to claiming a place in the household. (Love that "Viking Berzerker"!)
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I think New Kitten has slept like 4.5 hours so far since his arrival at the airport. It only took 30 minutes from his first coming into the house to win the first fight. And just now there was a terrible row, and it ended with Lofdi tearing throught the house chasing a panting Kjartan. And this is a 16 Week Old, 3lb Kitten terrorizing a 1 year old, 13 lb Cat (not to mention me). And I promise pictures soon.
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What a hoot! Can't wait for pics.
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You know those Norse! (I'm Swedish by descent.) That kitten must be a heck of a lot of fun!

Toes (Maine Coon) used to leap all over the house and jump straight up 8 feet so he could look out the front door windows.
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So, how goes the battle lately?
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The battle has reached a standstill. The human retires in exhaustion. The New Kitten refuses to submit and be Beta Cat and Old Cat refuses to belive a kitten can be alpha cat. So they don't do anything. I'm tired, they are exhausted.
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