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no sound

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Since yesterday, I have no sound, on my computer. I have gone through the Windows XP troubleshooter, downloaded the latest DirectX driver and nothing has worked.

My computer is an HP xg922, with Windows XP. Is it possible that my sound card has croaked or, should I try buying new speakers, first? I am unable to figure out WHAT kind of sound card, that I have. The troubleshooter directions are unclear and don't seem to pertain to my system.

Any input will be appreciated. Just remember - KISS - I'm a computer dummy.
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I'd try new speakers first. Also, check on the right side, where they have the little speaker icon, you know right by the time, and click on it. It's for the volume. Make sure that the sound isn't muted.
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Cindy, try a system restore. Go to Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore. Make sure the 'Restore my computer to an earlier time' button is clicked and then get the system to restore to a point before yesterday. It will walk you through the process. If you've installed something or a virus, trojan horse or spyware program has installed something for you that's not compatible with the sound card, this may fix the problem.

Also, before you go out and buy new speakers, try them on a friends computer. Use their speakers to try on your computer too. This is the easiest way to see if it's the speakers or something else.

Good luck!
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Thanks. For some reason, it started working again, all by itself. I still don't know what the problem was but, as long as its working now, I won't worry about it.
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LOL, in that case, it may have something to do with the very technical term - cats!
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Originally posted by Kumbulu
LOL, in that case, it may have something to do with the very technical term - cats!
Since I got all of the cat hair, cleaned out of the computer, they have been banned from this room. Maybe its gremlins.
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OMG Cindy this exact same thing happened to me yesterday, there was no sound and I was so confused, I'm so glad it's working today though. Scary.
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Mabye a faulty connection somewhere in the speakers??? It happens in my Jeep, and I know its a faulty connection, Im just too lazy to fix it
I will someday though...

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My computer at work will do that from time to time, suddenly have no sound. Usually the next day when I reboot, it's fine. Windows, go figure. I prefer my Mac at home.
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Since I do this for a living I guess I will chime in with my two cents:
- Speakers themselves rarely fail completely. Usually you will hear some kind of feedback, or if a speaker has failed totally you will have no power to it at all (no indication light).

- 75% of the tech calls I have done regarding sound has been caused by the Windows master mute button being on. Sometimes this is activated by keystrokes on the computer, a software package, or simply put "gremlins".

- Since people tend to have quite the mess of wires behind their desks, I often get people to check the speaker connection going into the sound card (this will look like a standard ear phone connector jack). If something is moved on the desk (intentionally or not) it may be enough to pull a connection loose.

- With WinXP you are really getting the OS to configure all your hardware devices unless they are much older legacy type devices. With Win9x it was common to have devices "uninstall" or "corrupt" but this is seldom the case with XP.

Usually the fix of this problem is a software or operating system issue, the result of those lovely computer gremlins or a connectivity issue.

Just as a side note, system restores should be the last resort action. If I wasnt so tired I would list the typical troubleshooting steps I go through when diagnosing a PC. Maybe another time!
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Troubleshooter had me check the device manager and none of the mute buttons were checked. I did check the connection, first and it was fine. Troubleshooter directed me to Windows Update, to search for the latest Directx driver. I downloaded that and rebooted the computer. About an hour later, I had sound again. One of these days, I may have this infernal machine figured out.
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