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Happy Birthday Yola!

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Happy Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and a blessed year.

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Happy birthday from me too!!!

:flower: :daisy: :bubbly: :girly1:
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Happy Birthday! How is baby doing? How are YOU doing? I hope your day is wonderful and full of pleasant things!

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Happy Birthday! :icecream: :flower:
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Happy Birthday Yola! Hope you had a magnificant day.
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Happy Birthday Yola (I just saw it now )
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How in the world did I miss this?????

Happy (belated) Birthday Yola!!! I hope for nothing less than an amazing, spectacular year for you! (Although last year would be hard to beat with little Dominik blessing your life...)
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Sorry I missed your birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day.
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Yola, I hope you had the nicest birthday. May all your next year be filled with happiness and blessings
:daisy: :daisy:
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Busy-busy here . . . I haven't been at TCS for a good week or so (at least) I just don't seem to find the time now, and catching up with the squillions of posts means I don't know where to start!!!!

Thanks to all of you wishing me a happy birthday, and I'm going to make a concerted effort to pop in more often as I miss the (mostly) good vibes that go on here.

Domi-baby is doing great, apart from the fact that he has a filthy cold at the moment with a moderately high temp. But we've got it under control with meds, and I hope it blows over soon.

So with work, baby and the house time is suddenly at a premium!!!

Lotsa love
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Yola, I'm so sorry Domi's sick!!! Hope he's all better REAL soon!

Don't we all understand "time being at a premium" these days, LOL! I think that's almost an understatement - especially with Domi now!

I hope you had a GREAT birthday and that you have a wonderful year, full of health, happiness and wonderful surprises!

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Happy Belated Birthday Yola!

Sorry to hear the little fella is sick. Hope he is feeling much better now.
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Hi Yola!

Happy belated Birthday from me too!

I dont come on here often either.....but I needed some advice so I found myself here !

Congrats on the ickle baby too!


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Happy Belated Birthday!!

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