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Daily Thread for Saturday :)

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It´s Feykirófa´s birthday today, she is 5!

Pollýanna seems to be a bit better, but cant really move with this huge dog e-coallar. Her holes in her body are still big and she is all watery, the good news is she is not worse than yesterday, not beeing worse is good, that gives me hope.

I met with some mums last night and we went to this new restaurant. The food was good, but the service was so horrible, it was funny. Apart from being so unprofessional in every way, the biggest laugh was the dessert, it was just too funny. Some of us ordered a "warm chocolate cake with some sweet white sause and ice cream" We got a very cold stiff cake, obviously taken straight from the fridge. When complaining about that we got the answer that the kitchen had closed allready, no sorry or anything. So we sent the cakes back, saying we wanted the warm cakes we ordered. All of us has taken a couple of spoonfulls of our cakes, my hand had even just left the cake and I was heading for my mouth when somebody came form behind and grabbed the plate.
We got our warm cakes. The only thing was that is had been put in the microwave for a while, the shape was not nice anymore, the white sause was all over but had been licely formed before. And the cakes all had a couple of spoonfuls missing! We asked how they knew who had wich cake and the answer was: Hey, it´s not like it matters, each cake had only a little bit taken off!!!!
We sent the cakes back, so they got grabbed off the table again in haste, and didnt even get an appology! We are not eating there again!
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Wow - talk about bad service. Maybe you can write to your local paper and tell them about it?

We had a nice day over here. Visited the Australian park today (see pics on Kumbulu's Australian wildlife thread). The boys are finally getting better and we had a great day out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Heh, the ad at the bottom of my page is for chocolate cake. Doesn't say if its warm or not!

I am really pleased today with Bailey. She has been on Clamavox for an infected rash on her chin, and every day I see improvement. But the best part is, she is starting to be her old playful self again. I just thought that she was reacting to some changes in the house (a new cat upstairs), but apparently the infection was really dragging her down.

I have been trying to house clean. I am in the middle of a major redecorating project, and have house guests coming, so that I have a target date to get done. They will be here in July, but I have a lot to do. I spent the day sorting old paper work from my office, and filling garbage bags. Tomorrow I tackle the bedroom, and sort out clothes to give away to charity.
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We got rain, this morning. Fortunately, its blown out of here, now.

Bill and I went to check out the new mega-Target. Frankly, I prefer SuperWalMart. Bill's apprentice has a baby due, any day now and we got some diapers and baby wipes, for him and his wife. Buddy got a new toy: a feather-and-bell on a stick. He's the only one who likes toys and he's had a lot of fun with it.

I found two perfect toys, for the twins' birthday: Fisher-Price has an electronic drum and a piano. Since Mark plays in a band, he and Sam shouldn't mind those.

Bill suggested a trip to the new antique mall, for tomorrow. I'll have to control myself, though - I'm between paydays and Mark's birthday is next Sunday. I just won't take my checkbook with me.
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Hello Everyone.... Today was a beautiful day here in IL. I took my roomate to Springfield's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade and she loved it. I thought it was okay but too political at times and not enough marching bands. But anyway, it was okay.... After that I went to our local Mall to browse and that in a nutshell was my day.
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Worked all day, then came home and cooked dinner, now I am so tired, but I don't want to sleep another 12 hours like I usually do after a friday night 12 hours (closing) then opening Sat and working 9 more. I only got about 5 hours of sleep, But at least I'm off tomorrow and so is Brad and we are going to spend the day together!
It was pretty over cast here today, chilly and windy too. Started out very sunny though.
When I got here, Brad had opened the porch for the cats to play on and boy were they having the time of their lives! But it was chilly and he was sleeping covered up shivering(our room is right off the living room and the door to the porch is next to our bedroom door) so I spoiled the kitties fun and closed the door! (mean mommy!)
Now all I have to do is drag myself off the computer and change clothes(I stink!) and I'll be ducky!
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Bucked three tons of hay this afternoon and now I am tired. Racer crashed last night (again) is back to not walking, back on bute and has 3 more new abscesses on his back feet. I HATE FOUNDER!!!!!

The weather was warming up, but rain is predicted tonight. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I will harrow that one field and make it easier for Racer to walk out there, when he can walk again. Now he is just lying down in his stall looking at me like "OK Mom, what happened?"

Wish I knew-
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Well I hurt my butt skating today ow....
Went out with my dad for a while, then came home, got yelled at by everyone, etc.
Not my day.
At least Im feeling good

Hope eveyone has a good one!

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Happy birthday Feykirófa! Sorry about Racer MA.

Bogart made his golden 13th birthday today on the 13th. He and I spent the entire day snuggled on the sofa watching all 3 Godfather movies. Tomorrow I'm thinking the first 2 Lord of the Rings DVDs with him. I got him to eat about a tablespoon of food today and about 6 licks of ice cream. *sigh*

Everyone please give your furbabies extra scritches for me please. Love them while you can!!
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Happy Birthday Bogart!
So Feykirófa and Bogart share a birthday! (Anyone in you household sharing Pollýanna´s birthday, July 26th?)

I totally agree with you, love your furbabies while you can! I have been with tears in my eyes (well and out of them ) endlessly while Pollýanna has been so ill. I just cant accept the fact, that even though some cats live to be quite old, she might not...

Mary Anne, I hope Racer will feel better.
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MA.... I just wanted You to know that Racer is still in my thoughts and prayers. And You are too
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MA, sorry about Racer, I thought he had passed through it. He was a fighter then and I am sure he will be now, from what it seems he is a wonderful horse with a great personality!
Happy birthday Bogart, happy birthday Feykirófa!

Today we went to a small cat show and it was nice I guess, not that much of a variety, there were a couple Singapura kittens there, they are just so cute! Then we went and looked at some model homes, just dreaming that we could afford a home like that!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!
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Happy birthday Feykirófa and Bogart!

Hissy, I'm so sorry Racer has crashed again, and I know it must be really difficult for you to see him like this after he had been doing so well. I'm sending lots of thoughts and prayers.
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Hey Guys! Hope everyones having a nice weekend.

Sesselja, What bad service! You should all write in and complain. Glad you got a few kicks out of it though! Happy Birthday to your sweetie Feykirófa.

Anne, glad you and the boys had a good day. I must go check out the pics.

Sammie5, glad Baileys getting better health wise and behavior wise. Good luck tackling the bedroom.

Cindy, the gifts sound perfect. Have fun tomorrow!

Sandra, sounds like you had fun.

Barb, hope you get a good sleep.

Mary Anne, I'm so sorry to hear about Racer crashing, Sending prayers fast to you and him.

Brandon, Hope you feel better soon and that tomorrow is better for you!

Amy, Happy Birthday to Bogart and lots of hugs to you and him.

Meagon.. Oooh my Singapuras , Will you be attending another cat show?

Lorie, Hope you're having a nice evening.

Now to my day. Well we have two cars, the Ford Falcon XR6 and the 4 wheel drive, got two new cars today a Toyota Cavalier, in dark green just imported from Japan with under 40,000 k's on the od. and a red ford ute XR8. It's going to be hard giving up the falcon. I had a very relaxing day, it was nice. Back to school tomorrow.
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