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Christmas Cards

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The office I work at has started getting the Christmas Card Catalogs in the mail. I don't know about all of you but I love to look at these catalogs. Some of the pictures on these cards are so serene. You know the ones - There is a little town out in the country with a Christmas tree and beautiful lights all around the town. There is snow everywhere and smoke coming out of the chimneys. I just want to crawl into the picture and go to one of those houses and sit in front of the fire with a book and a cup of cocoa. I really like to look at these catalogs, especially when I'm a little down, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy for a little while.
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From one of those warm fuzzy houses...that's great. Now let me know when you'll be willing to come OUTSIDE and help me shovel out the driveway!!!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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What I hated most was the berms left by the snowplows. Those were worse than the shoveling of the driveways. (We had two of those) I am so glad we moved out of Alaska
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You guys!!!! When I was little I used to live with my mother in Michigan and you see it a different way when you are little. I used to beg my mother to let me shovel the walkway and sometimes she would let me - I thought it was so much fun! Also, all of us neighborhood kids would love the embankments the snowplows would make because they would make for great sledding!!! You see it differently when you grow up because I don't think I would get that same thrill now! I just like the warm and cozy feeling of the look on the cards - I feel the same way when I look at the work of Thomas Kinkade.
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Just joking!! I know exactly what you mean. A starry night in winter after a big soft snowfall..with the trees all wrapped in their ermine stoles of snow,with the moon shining brightly. And hush..there comes a little white rabbit or perhaps a squirrel..gorgeous.
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I know yall were joking - that was an awww, you guys
I am so glad I got to experience things like that. So many kids who grow up in the south don't get to experience that (no snow)!
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It snowed so heavy that the snow went clear up to the roof! My friend Judy her and her hubby had a two story home in Anchorage. The snow was so high, a moose climbed on to their roof! She went up after the moose left with her camera, and saw the moose had left tracks as well his calling card behind. She took a picture and entered it in the photo contest that year. Her caption was "Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Clause!" She got first place!

It is beautiful when it snows, and it makes the world so quiet. I am glad I experienced it, but I am also glad I don't have to experience it anymore too.
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Yes sfell there are lots of us that have been raised in the south that have never experienced that type of snow. Snow here is maybe 1 inch every 10 years or so and doesn't stick. I for one would love to see snow like that. Maybe now that I know Kittyfoot I will get to see it one of these days. Sure hope so.
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Are there any good cat Christmas cards in your
order books?

The Holiday Season will be here before we know it-
buying cat toys for cat stockings -- and you have
reminded me that I need to buy some cat Christmas Cards!

I saw a great one last year that had two kitties in
the house by the fireplace next to the decorated tree.
Those cards do give you that "persian feeling"

(warm and fuzzy all over!)
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Christmas cards already?!? Yikes, it's still August! I haven't even written out my Labor Day cards yet! There's nothing that kills my mood faster than being mauled by the holidays 4 months before they arrive.
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I guess that living with snow all winter tends to shift your viewpoint a bit. But there are times when a freshly fallen blanket is beautiful even to us too. I don't like Christmas without some big fluffy snowflakes floating down...and it's so peaceful after a snowfall muffles everything.
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Let's try this attatched photo again.
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I love the snow. I have some really nice memories of past holidays. Sitting in front of the fire with hot cocoa with my family. We always have so much fun decorating the tree. To have snow on the ground is just the icing on the cake.
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Well kittyfoot posted a photo of his home and the snow but I like this photo of the snow in his yard better. Just like a woman not to agree on something.... So I am posting the one I like best!!!
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That was only the first snowfall..it got LOTS deeper!!!!

This is what the boys thought of it....titled LEMMIE IN!!!!
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KittyFoot; :foot: My favorite picture is the one of your "boys" at the back door! I am a sucker for a traditional Christmas complete with snow. Oddly enough, the last two years here in MO. ; we have not had snow at Christmas. n
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