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Cat in tree for 3 days - rescued!

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Yesterday I received an urgent e-mail about a cat that was stuck in the upper branches of a tall tree for 3 days. The e-mail went out to the rescue worker group in Kansas City.

The person who owned the cat did nothing for 3 days. Their neighbors called the fire department and was turned down, tree trimming places who wanted generally $300 to come out, and in frustration started calling animal rescue groups. Hurray for the neighbors!

In steps the president of the Humane Society group that I volunteer at and she sends out the plea. Someone called the TV stations in the area. Others make calls to other tree trimming places, city hall, the fire department, etc.

A 16 year old boy decides that he wanted to save the cat. He climbs up the tree as 2 TV newstation trucks arrive. The fire department, hearing that the TV stations have arrived, and being highly embarrassed that they were shown up by a 16 year old decides that it was time to help. So 6 of them arrive with their truck and get their media coverage.

The cat was rescued and is fine. We wonder what the owners are thinking about all of this.
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I am so happy that the cat is save now .

I don't know about the owners ??? They really must not care alot about the poor baby in my eyes .
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A friend of mine had her cat go up a tree like that. She is a great Mother so she tried and tried to get help. And called a tree trimming place and the guy came out and got her cat down for free. What a nice guy huh? I love that story, he told her he had never been asked to do that before.
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JC managed to get "stuck" up a tree when he was five months old, and had slipped out of his harness. The fire company came with a ladder truck and got him down, after we'd tried coaxing him down for three hours. When we used a 2-storey-high ladder, he panicked and went even farther up the tree. They told us the first rescue was for free, but they'd charge for any further ones. My husband and his father took down the tree that week. I can't imagine leaving a cat up a tree for three days! We have 9 - 12 ft. ceilings in our house, and the third floor has exposed beams. Jamie has climbed or jumped up on them a couple of times, and then been too afraid to climb down. The attitude that "What goes up, must come down" simply doesn't apply to some cats, unless you mean falling.
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Got an e-mail update on this cat this afternoon. Are these people stupid or what? Here it is basically unedited:

The kitty was rescued safely from the tree at the same time the "owners" returned from work. Animal Control did also show up with the fire dept. The ACO gave them a good talking to and IF the cat had been up someone else's tree he would have taken the cat but since the cat was in THIER tree, he couldnt take him. One of the volunteers pleaded with the woman to keep the cat inside. Her answer....ready? Well, she cant because he stinks to bad (UNneutered MALE, DUH!!) She said they simply could not afford to have him neutered....ARG!! So, the volunteer asked would she relinquish the cat and she said she couldnt, it was her boyfriends and he wouldnt be home until Monday and she didnt think he would give up the cat. SO, the volunteer asked if she could take the cat bring him to the vet and we would get him neutered. So, the owner gave her the cat, he is at our vet waiting to be neutered (which may take a while).

During that time we will try diligently to get them to sign the cat over to us. Oh, and not to leave out what the cat was named by these lovely people "Dumbass", yes you read it right ~sigh~
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During that time we will try diligently to get them to sign the cat over to us. Oh, and not to leave out what the cat was named by these lovely people "Dumbass", yes you read it right ~sigh~

Cheeze Whizz!! Those people dont even deserve to own an animal not even a cat!!
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I have no words for them and it is better if I don't say what I think
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3 days is a long time for a cat to be up on a tree. How did it feed and go potty? Poor thing!
But I agree that it deserves a better home and I hope he finds one soon. He probably did not want to go back to those uncaring and irresponsible owners.
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No wonder the poor cat didn't want to come down, he was probably getting the same amount of love and attention up that tree as he did at home.

I hope the owner will let them re home him, the poor cat needs a home where he can be loved.
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My bro-in-law used to work for our volunteer fire department. They wouldn't come out to rescue cats. Their answer...when the cat gets hungry, he'll come down. You've never seen a cat skeleton in a tree.

(I almost smacked the man when he told me that!)
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