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Crack For Cats!

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I bought some treats for my beloved Zo-Zo.
They are Southwest Freeze-dried shrimp treats and she loves them-she'll also stop at NOTHING to get them. They also have a salmon flavor that she loves just as much.
These treats are the equilivant of Crack-Cocaine for cats!
They are also VERY FATTENING!
Zoey knows where I store them/hide them, she'll destroy anything she can to get at them and she even conned a mechanic at a Detroit Diesel shop in North Carolina to open her carrier where I had them locked away.
When I got back in the truck, I saw the open (and empty) tube on the floor, Zoey was laying on the bunk like she needed to un-do her belt a knotch or two and very satisfied with herself.
I asked the mechanic what happened and he told me that as he was in the drivers seat running a DDEC diagonistic test on the trucks computer, Zoey started pawing at the cage gate, looking at him meowing. The mechanic couldn't see the clear plastic tube of treats in the cage and said, "awwww Kitty, do you want to get in your cage?"

Don't anyone EVER try and tell me that cats aren't clever, canniving<SP> and will play a person for a sucker!

These treats are good and cats either turn their nose up at them or become addicted to them, so be careful.
Zoey is at home, on a diet and I've got Bari with me, he's only 5mos old and quite a lover boy!
Photos here:

Please, don't do Kitty-crack!
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First of all Bari is a real cutie(I just had a quick peek at you site).

As for the addictive nature of treats...... I'm afraid your warning has arrived too late for little Jeepers who has a terrible 'Whiska's Pockets' habit. I keep them in the fridge and as soon as anyone goes out the kitchen she sits on top of the fridge and paws at the door. SHe can't open it....... yet! She goes through a bag a week (if she had her way I'm sure she'd replace her food with them!), and has also recently developed a 'Whiska's Kitbits' (but only the soft ones)habit as well.
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LOL...great description of a cat hooked on a treat. These sound like Old West Shrimp Bits, and if they are different, then Old West are an evil twin (comes in a clear tube as well).

However, as just shrimp and nothing else, I'm surprised they popped her weight up! They make a great high protein, low carb treat for cats unfortunate enough to have diabetes.

okay..end of ramble,
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Bari is adorable - he reminds me of JC's little brother, Quartus, at that age. Those treats sound like something JC would love. I buy him some dried fish treats from Norway that he practically stands on his head for, but I'm sure shrimp would be even better. His birthday is next month, and I'm already planning on getting him cocktail shrimp or lobster for his birthday dinner. I laughed at Zoey conning the mechanic - Jamie manages to do that with my mother-in-law all the time.
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They sound like the ones i order in from London for Rosie!.

She wont touch the prawns, but the freeze dried pure cod fish cubes she'd pin you down for!!!.

They stink, but it's worth seeing her face when i give her them!
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Yes, these things stink to high-heaven!
You also have to rememer that Zoey does more eating than anything else and didn't get much exercise, so it's no surprise that her weight went up. With the bad weather, we couldn't go outside and sometimes all she had to DO was eat.
Glad I didn't get her addicted to soap-operas, I'd need a livestock trailer to haul her around.
But according to her Mommy, she is losing some weight so maybe I'll get her that french-cut one-piece bathing suit for summer!
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Hmmmm interesting! So they are more addictive then the Twinkies were? (I think I remember that's what the drug of choice was a while back).
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