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Kitten with diarrhea

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Hi friends,


We adopted a stray kitten, Frank, about a month ago when we found him running across a road near our house. He had a raging coccidia infection, was leaking everywhere, and his bum was swollen and agitated. He was placed on albon and pro pectalin, and in due time the diarrhea improved.


However, over the past few days it has returned in full force. He is leaking a mucusy substance from his butt, his poop is basically liquid, and his butt looks irritated again. The vet recommended a low-carb diet, so we are going to gradually switch him over from Hill's to Blue Buffalo. 


My question is: is there anything else we can do other than the pro pectalin?

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Did he retest a stool?  Generally, one wants to retest to make sure it's eradicated before ceasing treatment.

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Yep. Tested a few days and it came back negative. 


One thing I'm wondering is whether we should try to limit his exercise after eating, and what his eating schedule should look like?

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How old is Frank?  If less than 8 months old, a quality kitten food should be fine, well, for a kitten not having diarrhea :) - Your vet mentioned low-carb, but did he recommend a temporary diet such as a low-residue? (I'd try a low-residue dry type, it's only temporary to see if he responds and then you and vet can take it from there to perhaps introduce a limited-protein diet if necessary) - depending on his age, and nutritional needs will depend on how much he should be fed, or how many times.


In answer to your other question, if he's still fairly young (less than 8 months), you probably shouldn't limit his activity, kittens expend a great deal of energy and need to replenish that energy with their food. 

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Frank is approximately 12 or 13 weeks old. It's hard to make sense of what is going on. Here is a bit more history:

We found him a month ago darting across a road near our house. We took him to the vet, where he was diagnosed with a raging coccidia infection. He had 2 rounds of albon, and as of a week or week and a half ago was really doing much better. Stool was still lose but looked much better and didn't smell at all.

As of a few days ago his poop is basically liquid again and it smells horrible as it did before he was treated. They did a fecal a few days ago and it was negative for coccidia and giardia. We had some albon left, so we are giving it to him anyway out of an abundance of caution.

The vet has mentioned IBD and wanted him on a low-carb diet, and so we just switched him over from Hill's to Blue Buffalo, which has an appreciably lower number of carbs.
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Hello, I've been researching a lot online about kitten diarrhea and came across some articles suggesting that a tablespoon of plain regular fat Greek yogurt once a day or every other day could help with diarrhea, especially after a round of medication, as the bacteria flora in the intestines are effected by antibiotics and other medications. The bacteria cultures in yogurt digest the lactose so it should be safe for pets. The article also stated it has helped them within 24 hours, and also helped them with dental health among other ailments.
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We used probiotics to help with my cats diarrhea. Here was my post where someone helped me,
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