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3 yr old cat symptoms of circling and lethargy

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Our 3 yr old cat was sleeping all the time and choosing to sleep exclusively on my husband's sofa seat and his side of the bed.  Our cat lost his interest in food or going outdoors.  We took him to the vet. They could not find anything wrong and his blood Labs for CBC, renal, enzymes were all normal.  Platelets were a bit reduced. He continued to decline over the next few days and began sleeping in his litter pan when he could no longer jump up on the furniture.
In retrospect, his pattern of sleeping too much probably began at least 3 weeks before we noted it as being alarming.  He never produced a fever.  Our cat (Dash) would walk aimlessly at times, walking the periphery of the rooms, going into corners, and behind toilets. He made no vocalizations. 

For our third vet visit within 8 days, we went to a "cats only" vet. His neurological symptoms were noted and best guess causative agents of Bartonella or Cuterebra were addressed.  His pupil was more diminished on one side than the other.  Dash was started on Azithromycin.   He was given a topical dose of Revolution.   Blood labs (by PCR) for flea and tick borne agents came back negative. Our cat's legs would become weak and begin to slide out from under him.  The New Year holiday was approaching and we thought this was going to be the end for Dash. Given the negative blood tests, the vet called us to return to the office to pick up a single  dose of Capstar and a bottle of prednisolone steroids.  This was to begin treatment more directed toward Cuterebra.  Our cat began to improve the very next day.  I think the steroid was the most effective agent. While we may never know for sure the causative agent, the steroid addressed a cranial swelling and inflammation.  One blood test for antibodies to Bartonella came back as highly positive after another week.  Although this could be from exposure at any time, the vet decided to continue a 3 week regime of Azithromycin.  Dash recovered all of his functioning and personality within

5 days of appearing to be at death's door and was greatly improved after just 2 days.

We are hoping that none of these symptoms reappear once we discontinue the steroid therapy.

Hope this helps some of you.



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Hi Barb.  So sorry your sweet baby is going through this.  I hope his body keeps healing and things stay normal.


Did they say what caused this.


Best to you and your sweet boy.  Hope

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Thank you for sharing Dash's story.  Incredible, really.  I'm just glad he's recovering, and I, too, hope with the withdrawal of the steroids none of his symptoms reappear cross.gif

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