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Anything more I can do to help my new foster relax?

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Meet Pompón.

He's rather shy.

He's about a year and a half old and had a long train ride and car journey to get here. He was very stressed and scared and still is. He has his own room which is low lit and is fed on a schedule. There's a feliway and I sit on the floor and read quietly. He's met the others and isn't bothered, although the girls are growing a bit to show dominance.

He's been here a couple of days and wants to explore the flat and I've been able to pick him up for a few lap sits.

He's still quite stressed and scared - I know, time will make a difference - but do you have any other ideas or suggestions to help him settle and relax? I wouldn't be an overprotective cat guardian if I didn't ask!
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I always use food in these situations. Warm chicken thighs (the meat no bones) can really get a cat to feel more comfortable. I use it on ferals all the time and they become best friends quickly.


Other than that I think you are doing everything right and that everything is very normal. And you are exactly right, time is the key.


The fact he wants to explore tells me he is doing pretty well.


He is really adorable!!


Thank you for caring about him and taking such good care of him.

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His exploration was just to find preferred hiding spaces. He's responding quite well to chicken.

He's just a scaredy cat and very shy, he does like neck scratches. He just doesn't seem any more comfortable here at all.

My foster girl, who I was hoping he'd get on with, keeps hissing at him trying to get a reaction. Poor thing.
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You are welcome.


If possible I would try to keep him away from the other cats for now. Try to build his confidence and slowly introduce him to the other cats. Keep using food to get him to feel comfortable and to build trust with you. If you can give love (the neck scratches) without being at risk of being hurt then do that. If he purrs it would be a great sign. Just take it slow, baby steps to build his cat confidence. Then you can start feeding on each side of the door, do some scent swapping, etc. I am happy to help you through the process. But I know you know a lot of that. 


It is still early. Keep reading to him softly, let him bond with you. It sounds like he is bonding with you, trusting you. That is a big step to building his confidence. 


It just takes time. I have never seen a cat that doesn't respond to being loved. And you obviously love him. He'll respond but sometimes it takes a little more time. Just keep reading to him softly and quietly, give love as long as you are not at risk of being hurt, use food. At some point try to play. Get him up in that cat tree. And I would keep him away from the other cats for now so he can have a higher confidence level so he can handle them a bit more.


Feel free to ask anything anytime. I am happy to help but I know you can help him a lot. Keep up the good work.

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Yes I'm keeping the girls out but letting my boy cat in as he doesn't make a fuss and Pompón gets to see friendly cat behaviour. I was trying see if he'd be comfortable around my other foster as some people are coming to meet her tomorrow and she needs to be with other cats. I'm following the rest of the routines, although today he was introduced to the hoover so he wasn't best pleased.

He's actually from the same colony as my cats.

He is lovely,
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He is adorable!! 


He sure looks like he loves at least one person.


It takes time for very confident cats to get along so please give him some time in order to get along to other cats. The biggest mistake I see is rushing the introduction process.


Good luck, he is adorable and I hope you can find him a great home. I wish I could take him in!!


Please let me know if you ever want to bounce ideas around. Happy to help. Keep up the great work.

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He's been doing really well, he's been out and about in the flat, especially exploring my bedroom - it's terribly messy at the moment. He had a run around with my male cat, but my female cat is still a bit unpleasant towards him, I'm her human so she's jealous of the attention he's getting.

I've been moving his food towards everyone else's and that's helping a great deal.

He's also been having a meow, apparently my hallway has excellent acoustics.
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Thank you for the update, so glad to hear!!


I am so happy he is doing better, please keep up the great work!! You are doing a great job!!

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