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Newbie needs diet help.

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Hello. I have 2 cats. My cat "exxon" was recently given covenia med which threw him into transient diabetes. Since then I have put both cats on canned food only. Fancy Feast Classic Pate. Unfortunately this gives my other cat diarrhea. Can anyone suggest another can food I might try that won't break the bank.

Thank you so much for any help.
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If you have a Tractor Supply Company store near you, their 4Health grain-free chicken (49 cents a can, same size as Fancy Feast) -- NOT the kind with gravy since gravy has carbs -- and their 4Health grain free Turkey & Giblets (69 cents a can, 5.5 oz. can) are both carb-free--- if your cat can eat fish, they have a few of those as well.  Read the labels because SOME of their grain-free foods have potato starch (the ones with "gravy") but the others do not. 


Also, if there is a Kroger store, or one of their FAMILY of stores (check the internet) near you, their ABOUND brand of canned Turkey & Giblets is the same as the Tractor Supply Turkey & Giblets, probably exactly the same recipe produced for both of them from the same plant.  It's 193 calories a can so watch she doesn't overeat, but it's pretty much carb free and works perfectly to keep my FLUTD girl's urine pH nicely acidic so she doesn't produce any struvite crystals.


Put NO CONVENIA on all your charts at the vet!  And since the Convenia stays in their system for 65 days, put her on a good PROBIOTIC to replace the intestinal flora that the Convenia killed.  Search through this site for recommendations.  Under the top brown bar on each page is a SEARCH BOX where you can type in a few words and search and find threads containing reference to whatever you are searching and also articles, if there are any articles about it on the site.  And WELCOME to TCS where you will find LOTS of knowledge.

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There is also SHEBA pate, which is less expensive than Fancy Feast, mainly because they often have coupons. 


Also, is it ALL Fancy Feast pate's that cause diarrhea, or just certain ones. It could be a fish allergy or something like that. 

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Thank you so much for the Fast replies everyone.


I have tired every fancy feast classic pate except the fish brand.

I forgot to mention that I took the cat to the vet and they ran $250 worth of tests and said everything is okay. That is why I am assuming it is the void. I also read somewhere on a forum, that Fancy Feast gave their cat diarehea too.


I will try the above suggestions and hopefully this will resolve my issue.

I will report back.


Thanks again,


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Nature's Variety Instinct is a good low carb diabetic friendly food:


You can look on this chart for canned foods that have less than 10% carbs:


The message board is a great place to search for posts with recommendations on what to feed a diabetic cat, even transient ones. There are many suitable brands from the widely available affordable big name brands to hard to find expensive high end brands.

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Thank you so much for the chart. It will be very helpful!
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I went to Tractor Supply I got their Turkey and Giblets. But their other Pate brands- Chicken, Beef, etc have Dried Poatao, or Potaton Starch listed in the ingedients. I thought this was a Big No No. Am I correct?


Thank you, Steve

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Is it the 4Health brand? Some of the foods are ok for diabetics:


Gravy foods use starches as a thickening agent so avoid those. High glycemic foods like potatos should be avoided as well but that can be hard to do. It's ok if you have to feed a food that is a little over the typically recommended 10% carbs or less.

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Yes. It in their 4 health brand. Only two didn't have potato listed in ingredients. That was Turkey and Giblets and Chicken and Whitefish at Tractor Supply
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