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My Cat is a Picky Eater

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I have two cats that I want to be on the same diet. They both eat dry for breakfast and wet for dinner. They share the same dry food; Fromm:Game Bird, but not wet food. My year old cat is on Fancy Feast, and my 8 month old is on Iams: Grain Free.

I've been looking for a grain free wet food that has a lot of diverse favors. My 1 year old cat is SUPPER picky. He hates pate and doesn't like to be on the same favor constantly. Now, my 8 month old isn't picking at all. She doesn't mind pate and constantly on the same favor. If it's food, she will eat it.

I am looking for a grain free, wet food, but it can't be pate. It can be, dices, slices, chunks, or whatever. Jus no pate. My mother is a bit on a tight budget, so I would not like for food suggests to be $20 for only 12 cans. We needs to make it for at least 2 weeks, or a month.
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What are your other parameters?  Fancy Feast non-pates come in lots of flavors already, and don't cost much, although they are not too good as far as being low carb.  So..besides being low COST and non-pate, are you looking for anything else.  


And have you looked at buying via the internet. If you buy a certain dollar amount, then shipping is free  I know it's a large outlay to get that free shipping, but then you don't have to buy food for quite some time.  A lot of us buy from

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I would stay away from fancy feast(3ds). My picky Indy loves her wellness it is also available in a packet lots of good flavours like salmon in gravy (she loves the fish flavours best)
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