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giving up on kitten food, will that be ok?

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So I've been posting a lot about Zoe & Lily's behavior, but I need some advice on their diet too. I had Zoe on good quality kitten foods maybe the first two weeks that I had her. Ever since then(she's about 5 months now) she won't touch ANYTHING thats for kittens. I've put out many brands of kitten hard food, she goes straight for the adult hard food. I've tried nearly all kitten and all life stage wet food, she doesn't like most of it. I can get her & Lily(four years old) to eat Purina ProPlan, different varities of that, Turkey and Pasta, turkey and vegetable, and also they like Fancy Feast chicken gravy lovers. All of this is for adult matinance. I'm worried she's not getting enough fat. None of these foods contain DHA. I give them GNC supplements, Omega Essentials,but would rather she get it through food, with extra fat. Any ideas? She, like Lily, will not touch pate. they both like morsels, shreds,andlots of gravy. I am assuming, Zoe is so picky, because Lily is so picky and she is following in her footsteps. I just want her to be growing ok. She seems a little on the small side, and slightly skinny.I can't tell. The vet said she looks great, but to me she could be a little thicker. She's just so tiny. Maybe because I'm used to Lily, and Lily was a BIG kitten(she's a ragdoll,or ragdoll mix) They also don't like fish flavors.I had thought about salmon oil, but that wouldn't work. 

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As long as you let Zoe eat her fill (at least until she's a year old and/or if she starts to get chubby) there shouldn't be a problem with letting her eat adult food. There are times when while we would like them to eat the good stuff but it is better to just let them eat what they want so they are eating. Plus there are a lot of people out there who switch to adult food after a spay with the assumption that the metabolism will slow and they don't want their cats to gain weight. 


I've seen a lot of cats that look overly skinny as kittens and plump out once they stop growing. As long as her energy level and appetite are good (and your vet agrees) I wouldn't worry about her having a different body shape or being skinny compared to Lily. I also tend to have cats of drastically different size and shape so I've learned to judge them independently. Rocket for example is a little ball who looks fat but if you watch her move and touch her its all muscle and fur illusion, she is just a short and compact cat. Link on the other hand is lean, long and visually muscular (I actually love watching him walk because you can see the muscles moving). Both are healthy in their own way and the vet is pleased with their weights and body condition. 

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