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If you thought Bonsi Kitten was bad..LOOK AT THIS

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It teaches how to de-sensitize kids, so that when they shoot something, they won't cry.


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That is completely appauling!! What complete sicko can set up a site about this - let alone actually do it??!!! I wonder how he would like to be tied to a tree and shot at aimlessly!! - I doubt very much he'd think it was great to have "another hunter in the family" then!!!

The sick thing is (apart from the senseless killing of couse) is that he actually gets bunnies etc from rescue centres!! These poor animals are in there beacause they have ALREADY been abused/abandoned/neglected!! This "person" (if you can even call him that) is totally disgusting....... I'd just love one day for things to be turned around - the hunters become the hunted and teach them some damn respect for other life on this planet!! arrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!

This kind of thing makes me wanna

Sorry but what a total scumbag.
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well at least someone agrees with me for once...

HA! I am useful!!!!

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but I'm not even going to go check it out because I don't want to add to the # of hits this asshole is getting on his website. I've got a clear idea how deranged it is from you guys so I'm not going to add to his traffic.

the internet is a double-edged sword & unfortunately these sickos are going to continue to pop up & advertise, spread the word, propagate, whatever. And a lot of stuff is posted intentially to inflame & isn't even real...i.e. bonsai kitty. Since the measure of a sites popularity is judged on hits, I'm not going to go there.

I agree with you both that it's absolutly horrendous.
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I do thank you, WashuSama. Like AP; I choose not to view this. There are also(sadly)lots of sick/demented child pornography sites on the web and I choose not to view them as well. If this site is as bad as it must surely be; then it is a form of cild abuse and pornography and should be shut down!!!

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I won't look at it either for the reasons (obvious) that were already stated, thus end my comment,

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It's called "Bambi Killers"
it's just not animal friendly..but ok, I respect your descion NOT to veiw it.
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is if it's trying to de-sensitize childern to killing animals then she considers it to be a type of child abuse, which she lumps in with child pornography, so in essense she doesn't want to view any of those things.

I agree that anything that tries to warp a childs mind like that, is abuse.

it's all so sick. I just don't want to make this guys hits go up.
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I see what yall mean...
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I agree with the masses. I'm not going to add one more hit to this guy's parade.

And speaking of the famed "Bonsai Kitten", this came in today's email from emazing.com:

"Bonsai Kitten Art

An email is circulating reporting that a Japanese artist is
selling cute tiny kittens stuffed into bottles and calling
it art. The email has a bunch of other fluff (no pun
intended) and then states, "If you do not believe it, click
here" and then links you to a site called Bonsai Kittens
where they have graphic pictures of what appears to be
kittens being mistreated to a degree that should disturb

The Web site is actually a very sick joke and is not
actually a legitimate proponent of art or of actual "Bonsai
Kittens." If you actually look at the pictures of the site,
you can tell that it is a joke. It's in very poor taste,
but it is a joke.

I cannot tell if the author of the email is serious or if
it is simply a bad joke pointing to a poor joke. The email
is difficult to read in places because it is actually a
translation from Spanish that was poorly done. Bottom line
is that there is no "Bonsai Kitten" artist."
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Well... dumby me actually went and checked out the website.
It is a joke.
It is so obviously a joke, that I have no wonders.

It is a SICK joke....but a joke none the less.

They tell how to make a "fake bunny"for your child to shoot, and after several comments about how to ignore your childs sympathy, it goes on to show the "next" step, and a picture of a beautiful white, tame rabbit. It is a sick joke. They are not serious. I would not have gone there, as traffic makes them feel "big", but I wanted to check it out, see if it was for real, which I doubted it was, and let you know.
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Gee I guess Im a bit dim cos I never even thought that my going to view the site would raise the popularity thingy!! DUH!! If I had realised I probably wouldn't have gone either! Oh well , I did....never mind.... I didn't actually have a good look round the site as I just went into the bunny thing and that was enough for me - I guess if I had taken a proper look I might have seen that it was a joke too, but even so, as said before with Bonsai Kitties - there are still sick people out there who take this for real, I mean there's got to be some pretty sick people out there already to even think these kinds of things up, right? (I still say he's a scumbag!:laughing: )

Hmmm I don't think I'll be looking at any more sites like these, simply because they upset me too much and I certainly don't want to raise the popularity markers!! Sorry I didn't think of that before folks......
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Well, I did check it out to see if I can complain (it seems to be on a free hosting servce and they usually don'y allow anything controversial).

Here's what the site owner says:

This is a parody. It is supposed to be funny (ie: a joke). Don't send me e-mail telling me how sick, cruel, weird, or disgusting I am, I already know that.

Also, you would be completely nuts to follow any of my suggestions. Besides being illegal, you're more likely to kill another person than you are an animal.

If you want to kill something get a fly swatter or for real fun and entertainment cook a live lobster.


If you still want to complain about this bad taste - you can contact the Arizona Daily Star, where this site is hosted:

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Thanks for the info Anne! Hmm I feel a little red faced now I know its a joke and I have already shot my big ol' mouth off!! oooops!! (still, what a gross thing to make a site out of!)

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