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Traveling with my cat from Saudi Arabia to Washington DC

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Hello Cat Mommy's and Daddy's, 


I live in Saudi Arabia, and I'm going to Washington DC in about a month. My lovely six-month-old (then 7 months) Cotton, is coming with. I have checked online on for procedures and they said that on Saudi Airlines I need to make the booking in the airlines offices, though it says nothing about that in the pet policy. I went today to their headquarters and asked, the employee there said I dont need to do anything, as long as I have her vaccination record/passport with me, all I have to do is check with the people at the desk in the airport, a girl on twitter said the same thing, she's taken her cats on local flights, and she only paid at the airport and notified them there. 


Now, before I go ahead and do my booking online, I just want to know if anyone here has done it before?



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Cover all bases - call the USA embassy and ask what is needed to bring the cat INTO the country. You don't want to land in Washington D.C. and discover there is something that needed to be done in advance of arrival but was not done, something that will cause problems.

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I'm fairly sure there are a lot more items that have to be completed before travel. Here is a link to one place I found that talks about it, but contacting the US embassy is probably the best way to know for sure what is required.

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Supergirl, let us know what happens!


Your experiences will be helpful for all.

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This is currently a whole thing with my parents, who are moving from Saudi Arabia to Boston. I believe you need, aside from the vaccination documents, an export license from the Department of Agriculture. There are branches in multiple cities, but you need the document to be from the branch that is in the city you are traveling out of. So if you're flying out of Riyadh, you need the Riyadh branch to give you the license. You take your vaccine forms and your cat I believe, and they should give you a license. There may be a fee. 

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