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Question of the Day - Tuesday, January 10

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Greetings!  bigeyes.gif









What are your kitties favourite sleeping areas?





Morgana - On the heater, on the window sill, on the pillow on my bed during the day, on my face/neck in the middle of the night. Sometimes she also likes going into my laundry basket during the day too.

Autumn - At the end of the bed at night (sometimes casually creeps up beside upper body area), on the futon in the den. 

Liffey - Windowsill, on my bed during the day buried among the blankets, on my back or chest during the night, sometimes tries to creep up to join Morgana on my head area.

Camelot - Couch, closet, usually cuddling with the dog.


So far three out of four are on my poor contorted body at night :lol3: but I wouldn't have it any other way.


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Pickle on the window seat in the night and on the rug during the day.

Kiwi on the bed leaning against my leg in the night and on the sofa during the day

Buzz on my bed in the night and wherever he can best irritate the other two during the day
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My cats favorite place was sleeping in the sun in front of my deck door. Muffy's favorite place was sleeping on my pillows. At night she would curl up with me in bed. 

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Henry has quite a few. His cat beds, the cubby in the big cat tree, on my microfiber blankets (one on the couch, one on my bed).


Sophie likes to sleep under my bed or under the twin bed in the cat room. She also has a few dishpans that are in the living room that are what I call her "trays". She loves these. She will also sleep on my bed sometimes. She will wedge herself between pillows. 


Lilith likes to sleep on my bed. She will make a nest in the blankets and rest her head on my (our) favorite pillow. 

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Cocoabean - the dining room window which has a large cat bed on top of the radiator. Great viewing of birds and other assorted neighborhood comings and goings, warm and cozy.

Casper - Probably our bed. We usually remember to open the curtains and a nice sunlight puddle hits the end of the bed throughout most of the daytime.

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Mooch has a heated bed that is on the floor right behind my desk chair.  At night she likes the couch; either on or next to one of the couch blankets.


Noodles sleeps in the cubby on the cat tree by day. At night she likes the back of the couch.  We specifically bought a couch with a comfy wide back so the girls could sleep there.  Mooch just prefers the cushions and a blanket to snuggle I guess.  (She's in my lap if I'm out there.)

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Hekitty shifts around.  Sometimes her open bed, sometimes her Kozy Kube, sometimes my bed, sometimes sprawled out in the nearest sunpuddle.  She's a fickle girl.

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Originally Posted by Mamanyt1953 View Post

Hekitty shifts around.  Sometimes her open bed, sometimes her Kozy Kube, sometimes my bed, sometimes sprawled out in the nearest sunpuddle.  She's a fickle girl.

She is the queen so she is entitled to be be fickle. My Lily is the same way. king.gif

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Originally Posted by Kat0121 View Post

She is the queen so she is entitled to be be fickle. My Lily is the same way. king.gif


Not fickle, adventurous, versatile, likes variety, nomadic, not set in her ways . . .


Eclipse is the same way.  He also does it to hide from Kim.  You never know where he will sleep.  He recently discovered a blanket bunched up under a chair (I have no idea how it got there) and slept there.  I also saw him try to find space behind his cardboard cheese scratcher under another pile of blankets.  (I may have put that pile there - they need to be washed)   Last night he was sleeping on my chest and this morning he was on top of a shelf in my room.  When he was a kitten he would fall asleep in the middle of playing with a toy LOL


Fluffy likes to sleep in cat trees.  Not high up, about 3 - 4 feet from the floor.  I have 7 cat trees and I've seen her asleep in all but one.  She also likes to sleep on the lofted bed in my son's room - aka the kitten room.  When it's really hot she sleeps on the hardwood floor in the dinning room.


I'm not sure where Gerry sleeps.  Sometimes in the cat tree sometimes on the couch snuggled next to someone.  and at night she sleeps on the lofted bed safe in her kitten room with Fluffy locked out.

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When I'm relaxing on the sofa Carleton has to sleep between my legs.

When I go to bed he either sleeps at the foot of the bed or with his head on hubby's pillow.  I have one of those contour pillows that's supposed to be good for your neck but Carleton doesn't like the shape, lol. bluelaugh.gif

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Diamond likes the thick cotton bath mat in the bathroom.  catbi.gif


Seal likes the bed or the second highest perch in the tall cat tree in the living room.  blackcat.gif


Leo likes the highest perch of the tall cat tree in the living room.   Sometimes he sleeps on the bed or the chair in the bedroom.  creampersian.gif


They all like the tall perch in the back room, the windowsill that overlooks the bird feeders and the short cat tree in front of the TV, where, between bouts of sleep,  they can stare at me if I watch TV.


Here are Leo and Diamond in the cat tree in front of the TV.




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I have two small dog beds on my bed and Atticus and Thirteen sleep there at night.  Thirteen largely stays put during the night but Atticus likes to get up and roam.  I have found him sleeping on top of the entertainment center when I get up in the morning.  As for their day napping habits,  Atticus loves my dining room table and Thirteen is a couch girl.

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This time of year it is her heated perch or heated pad. Other times it is the back of the couch.
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Ms. Pepe has a queen-size pillow in a wicker basket right next to the living room heating register...that's where she stays. 

The kitty couch in the bedroom has turned into Mollipop's Couch now; she won't allow anybody else to even sit on it, let alone stretch out for a nap.

Muffin's place is at the foot of the bed on my side.

Amber is usually on one of the perches in the cat tree.

And Tabby has discovered the joys of the bathroom heating register. She's figured out that she can lay on the floor and tuck all four paws under the register and she's toasty. If her paws are cold, Tabby is not a happy camper. (Kind of like me when my feet are cold.)

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Kandy & Looby Loo are on the master bedroom bed with me during the day. At nighttime I boot them out to their own bedroom where they can sleep on the bed or in their cat houses.

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our DeeDee loves the carpeted kitty wall tunnel. our punky lately has been preferring the woolrich bed in the downstairs back bedroom. and our Dude splits his napping time between the cat tree in the upstairs bedroom that offers excellent views out the window it sits in front of, the woolrich bed in the living room, the folded over in half futon mattress currently in the living room (located there while the home improvements have been being done), and during the overnight he has taken to laying in the kitty window seat in the living room and dozing on and off -- the contractor who replaced the windows has two cats, and he set one new window back in further (it's an extra thick wall, an 1880's house) and made a lovely window seat for my cats......:heart3:

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