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Australian wild animals in our gardens!

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A friend sent me these pictures of some native Australian visitors she had the other day. They are completely wild and she lives in a suburban area. She says, "They just walked in, looked around and walked off."

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They are beautiful birds. I know when I was visiting my friends in Florida last year, they had some similar large birds that came into their backyard as well. I think they were called Egrets or something like that. One of these birds, became somewhat tamed to the point, where he would bang on the back door, and beg for fish. My friends kind of made friends with this bird, by giving him fish, and finally he came to expect it, at least once a day.
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Hope, are Egrets big? Adult emus are around 5.7 foot tall. Most of the ones in the pic are a bit smaller as they're kids still.
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Compared to Emus. Egrets are dinky (small) There is an exotic animal place down the road from us, and when we go and visit in our truck, the emu's will come up to the truck, stick their heads in the window and scare us half to death! LOL Egrets don't do that.
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Well to me, at only 5 feet tall, an Egret is pretty darn big. I would imagine an Egret is about a foot shorter than the Emu. I'd say the Egret is about 4 feet or so. They're not quite as talk as I am.
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Those are some cute birds Tania.... I just love seeing wild habitat like that.
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Those birds are awesome looking. We don't get those walkin around down here in Florida, at least none that I have seen. We have alot of whit birds around here. There is a group of white birds that walk around and airate the grass. I call then airiarater birds. I will take a pic next time they come around.

Cool pics!!!
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My friends live in the Clearwater/St Petersburg area of Florida, and that's where I saw the Egrets. There is a lake or pond behind their property, where the Egrets all go. I noticed they have some beautiful wildlife in Florida. Nothing quite like an Emu, but still really stunning, birds.
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Oh okay ya...those birds must live over on the Gulf side of Florida. It is beautiful over there! That is where I saw my forst flock of pink flamingos
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I think any encounter with wildlife is exciting. And while talking about Australian wildlife, we visited the Australian Park today. It's a nice little open zoon about an hour's drive from where we live.

I'm about to upload some pictures - so I'll post them here
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Here they are - more Ozzie wildlife -

Ok - peacocks are not Australian - but this one was on the premises

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Boy would my kitties love those peacock feathers!

What a nice place to go for the day-
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Nice pics Anne! I bet you wish you had a pouch sometimes to carry around your little one in

I have never seen a bird with a horn on it's head before!

And the swans are beautiful, the black ones are unusual.
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Great pics Anne! Look at that joey, he is waaaay to big for his mum's pouch lol. I love black swans, they are the animal emblem of my state, Western Australia.
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Aww , great pics guys .
The park remindet me of Germany . We had a animal park right in the forest close where I lived in germany . We used to go almost every weekend , it was free . Gosh how I miss that .

I am sure if my kitties would see all those animals they would go crazy
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Forgot to add, Annes pic of the horned bird is a Cassowary, a very big bird but not quite as big as an emu, with an average height of five feet.
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I would love to see a Kangaroo in person. Those black swans are just too beautiful for words.
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Great pictures! We don't get anything as exotic as that in our backyard, though one time we spotted a couple of wild boar peeking through the wire part of the fence in back (they have a habit of wandering through our town at night). Another time we had some parrots, that somehow managed the 38-km flight from Stuttgart and stopped to drink out of our pond. About thirty years ago some parrots escaped from the local zoo and bred, so now Stuttgart has a "wild" parrot population. The black swans are gorgeous, though I have to admit that I'm afraid of swans. Years ago we were at Neuschwanstein ("crazy King Ludwig's Fairytale Castle), and let our dog run ahead of us while we were walking on the grounds. He was attacked and badly injured by swans (and I'm talking about an 80 lb. boxer, not a Yorkie). All he did was stop at the edge of the lake to watch, and the swans came out of the water and went after him. He needed over 30 stitches, and we got bitten, too, trying to get them off him. Ever since then I've given swans and geese a wide berth. Are emus aggressive?
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Only if you're dealing with a male in breeding season or a female protecting her young. Usually they're quite the opposite. As MA said, they'll come right up to you, poke their head in your car, picnic, bag etc and then just blink their huge gorgeous brown eyes at you as if to say, "What?" They're highly intelligent, very inquisitive and actually make good pets. There's an ostrich farm about 15 minutes away from me and they crowd along the fence when people come to see them. Ostriches and Emus are almost identical. The farm raises the emus for eggs and meat, though I'd never eat one. They also sell blown ostrich eggs. Here's a pic showing the comparative size of an ostrich and chicken egg.
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Emus are beautiful! I still like Ostriches better though. Anne that place looks lovely, Did you see any Koalas? Oh and Peacock feathers are bad luck if brought into your house that's why we keep ours in the garage. Lovely pics, thanks for sharing.
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