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Miikka a Blue Point not Lilac Point...

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The more that I look at pictures of blue point siamese cats, I notice that Miikka resembles them more than the pictures of lilac point siamese.

I dont have papers for Miikka. She is from both a seal point siamese mother and blue point siamese father, but I dont know her geneology past there. She was purchased from a lady who breeds kittens, llamas, dogs, etc on a small farm close to where I live.

I would have to say that she is turning much darker than when she was younger. Her back is turning more brown, and her face, paws and tail are turning more blackish brown. However her belly remains a very light white.

I think I am going to officially start classifying her as a blue point and wait until she is a bit older to try to give her a firm classification. Whatever she is, she is my girl and I love her very much!!!
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I have a Blue Point. He's quite old now, at age 19. His points are a dark bluish grey. His body is more of a very light greyish white. He doesn't have any brown or brownish shades anywhere on his body. When he was younger, his body was much whiter than it is now, but he's still very light, almost white even at his advanced age. Perhaps your kitty has a little of the Seal Point coming thru, especially with the brownish tones. I believe Lilac Points are even lighter than Blue Points, with a bit of a pinkish tint to their points.

I also have a Seal Point, and he has brown hue's to his fur, in fact as he gets older, he's turning browner. His Points are a very dark brown/black and his body is turning brown especially on his back, and the light part of his fur is kind of a creme color.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that your cat sounds more like a Seal Point to me.
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Can you post a good pic? From what you say, I have to agree with Hope, she sounds more like a seal point than blue or lilac points. I used to breed Himilayans, which are Persians with the color markings of Siamese, and the blue points should really resemble a greyish color, more than brown. As far as the lilac points go, from her mom and dad if the Siamese are like Himmies, you have to have a lilac mom and dad to get them, since they are so much rarer and the lilac genes are not as predominant as the others. Whatever the color, we'd still like to see pics!
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Colorpointed usually darken with age. Actually I have heard that older Siamese can't be shown for that reason (they become darker so the contrast of the markings decreases).

I'm moving this thread to the breeders forum - maybe some of the professional breeders can give you their opinion.
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Originally posted by Anne
Colorpointed usually darken with age. Actually I have heard that older Siamese can't be shown for that reason (they become darker so the contrast of the markings decreases).

This is true of intact males especially, as they tend to darken each time they shed their coats, something to do with the hormones.
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Thank you for everyone's input, I will attach a picture of her for everyone. This was taken about 2 weeks ago.

A few other pictures can be found at:

She has definately gotten much darker in the points during the last two weeks and more greyish...

Thank you also to the moderator who moved this to the correct forum.

I am somewhat colorblind so maybe I am not describing her correctly. Maybe you can all tell me what you think she is!

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Yes, I'd say she is a Blue Point. Seal Points are MUCH darker, and they have the brown/black color scheme. Your kitty's tips are a blue grey, not brown/black.
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Check her paw pads. A blue point has slate gray, a lilac point has lavender pink.

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She looks like a blue point from a picture. BTW the second link didn't work.
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Blue point. The place you need to look on pointed cats is the tail tip. Seal point will be black/dark brown, chocolate will be rich brown, blue will be a heavy blue grey and lilac will be a lighter grey. Paw colors can be misleading because they can be off. The tip of the tail is the coolest place on the body and will have the densest pigmentation in pointed cats.
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As a breeder of traditional and classic Siamese and Colorpoint Shorthair, I would have to say that your kitten is definitely a blue point. A lilac point would have lighter gray coloring on the points. Mikka is a beauty! Enjoy!!

Serenade/Obsession Cattery
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Thank you for everyone's input!
She is officially a blue point now! (Unless she drastically changes color again!!!)
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Blue point for sure! I was owned by two seal points, and they were much darker than her. When they were kittens though, they looked blue point! She is one precious girl!
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Just as an update, she is definately a blue point. As the weather has been getting warmer here in the last few weeks and the snow is starting to melt I have noticed her get MUCH darker and "Bluish/Brownish"

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Hi.I am new to the site...........and I guess there is nothing like jumping in with both feet!

The "brownish" overtone you describe should not be present in a bluepoint, but is a spot on verbal description of what we know in the UK as a 'Caramel Point'....fully recognised by GCCF and other registering bodies in several countries..
While I understand they are not recognised by CFA a couple of US breeders, I am in contact with, have recognised their own "funny coloured" lilacs or blues to be caramels.

The gene responsible is known as the 'dilute modifier'and was introduced to Siamese with the tabby gene (lynx point.The genetics are a little complicated but a full explanation can be found at Hettys excellent site http://home.swipnet.se/~w-82631/silvertabby/
and then choose "click this"

Caramels can be lilac or blue based - lilac bases lack the required pinky mushroom shade, and instead have a distinct grey brown cast. Blue base tends to be darker, but again has a definite brown overtone rather than a clear bluey grey.
Paw pads incline to a mulberry flush and in all cases the cats should develop a "metallic sheen" in the adult cat, usually seen below the hocks and between paw pads.

Unless you are showing or breeding, you just need to enjoy the beautiful colour you have.
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