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New 9wk old male kitten, never had cats before, dogs, birds, small /medium furries, but never a cat.😀

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Hi all, I am very new to this site and very new to cats in general. My husband and I have adopted a 9 WK old male kitten we have named Skye. We brought him home on Sunday late afternoon. It was love at first site despite not going looking for kittens. We've never had cats before so having to learn very quickly as we go along. Getting him insured today and registered with vet asap. Any help or advice about anything would be appreciated. X
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Welcome aboard! :wavey: We'd love to see some photos of Skye! :pix:


If you have any questions, do post them in any of the cat care forums. We're here to help! For now, maybe these articles will help - 

10 Essential Cat Safety Rules You Need To Know


How to help a new cat adjust to your home


The Litterbox: What Every Cat Owner Needs To Know


Lots more in our cat articles section :bigthumb:

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Hello and welcome to TCS wavey.gif

Thank you for adopting Skye clap.gif Remember to give Skye lots of love and please post photos of him for us to see wink.gif
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After 50 plus year of having cats in my life, the number one thing to remember is to have them neutered as soon as the vet recommends. Males come through it especially easy, and it saves SO many unwanted bad habits in the future it is the number one thing on my list of 'have to dos'.You don't want spraying, aggressive behaviors, wandering, and constant cat fights in the future and 99% of toms will do this.

Kittens are so adorable and it is absolutely amazing to me how much more advanced they are than puppies at the same age, They are agile, can perform amazing acrobatics and want to explore and climb everything in sight. Make sure your house is baby proof, toilet lids down, poisons out of reach, plants examined to determine if they are poisonous.  Cats do NOT respond to physical punishment like dogs or other animals either, they just become afraid and timid. A stern, loud NO or a clap of the hands is all it takes to train them, (although you don't really TRAIN a cat, you 'adjust' their behaviors to something that is acceptable. :nod:) Kittens are lucky they are so cute, because the little whirlwinds of energy can try the patience of a saint.  You earn the love of a cat, that is why the relationship is so satisfying. Enjoy your little bundle from heaven, in a year or two you'll wonder if they move at all except to follow sun patches to nap in. That reminds me, they absolutely LOVE a heated cat bed, and the favorite toy is a 'kickeroo' found on Amazon. Give that sweet little angel a kiss from me, he already knows how lucky he is to have found such a wonderful forever home, he will bring you many years of companionship and happiness!

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My 9wk old baby Skye. X
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Thank you all. Here is one picture. I will try and get more when he sits still for five minutes.
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He's a handsome kitty! ❤️
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Welcome to TCS.  Skye is such s cutie!! I love black tuxedos  with white whiskers!!.  Any problems, questions, or just plain fun you want to share on your little "new addition",  feel free to ask or express.  If you take a look at the "forum " page, you can get an idea of what is discussed on this web site regarding our cats.  AND, as mentioned before, WE LOVE THOSE PICTURES.

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