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I am a new "mom" to a orange tabby adopted from the local humane society at 5 months (and a new poster to this wonderful forum). Soon after bringing him (Bailey) home (he was neutered before leaving the pound) he started vomiting and urinating small amounts of urine in random places throughout my home. I immediately took him into the vet and found out he had a bladder infection. He went on antibiotics and the problem immediately cleared up, no more vomiting or urinating outside his litterbox. A few days ago, I found a large puddle of urine on a blanket. This same blanket had been urinated on when he had the bladder infection 6 weeks ago. Yesterday, I again found urine on something he had peed on when sick earlier. Is he just smelling his old urine (I had cleaned it with special wipes advertised to remove urine smell) or should I take him to the vet? He appears to be using his litterbox (although we have recently switched litter from clumping to paperpellets, and it is harder to see urine in the paperpellets).

Any advice you all could provide would be appreciated.
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eaboshim..first...welcome to the forum. Second, yes...sounds like your cat is "remarking" his territory:

If your cat is neutered and suddenly begins to spray it may be caused by the presence or smell of a free roaming cat outdoors which is triggering a territorial response. Even visual contact with an outside intruder may trigger territorial spraying in some cats. Close the blinds for a few days to prevent visual contact and get some cat repellant from your pet store or nursery to put down around the perimeter of your home to deter the intruder. Feliway and Rescue Remedy can also calm an anxious cat and help prevent further spraying.

Cats will overmark their own scent so it is important to locate and eliminate every single stain, and I do mean every single one. Ordinary housecleaners won't eliminate the smell to a cat's nose, even if humans can't smell it. You will need to use a specific enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle or Simple Solution. Follow directions carefully, saturate the area and allow to air dry. The stain will smell noticeably worse when it's damp, but as it dries out the enzymes "eat" the odor. If the stains have ocurred on carpet you will need to saturate the area right down to the floor padding.

You may also need to get a flourescent blacklight to find all the urine stains. Pee glows under a blacklight in a darkened room making it easier to find every stain. A lot of other things will glow too, and my motto is when in doubt - spray it with Nature's Miracle!


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Did you finish all his antibiotics? He could have a FLUTD a re-occuring urinary tract infection and need yet another round of antibiotics to kick it. They will usually go back to the same spot they urinated on before every three days, not usually 6 weeks. But if you order this product and wash your blanket, it will break up all the enzymes in the urine and get rid of it entirely.

Kalever Concepts

Although it is possible that an outside cat is spraying and working Bailey up, I still wouldn't rule out another UTI. I would also buy another litter pan besides the one you have and give him the choice of going in a new pan, one he does not associate with pain- like he may be doing now with the pan you have. He could be peeing in corners and you just don't know it yet. I also would be cautious about changing litter on him, and stay away from the scented litter for awhile. He could have been ill for a long time in the shelter where he was at, and you are getting the residual effects of this illness.

Welcome to the forums- I have an orange Bailey cat too-
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