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It´s my one year anniversay of living at TCS! :)

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Even though I registred early 2001, I only had posted a few times with some cat questions. But it wasn´t untill my little skinny darling Pollýanna disapeared a year ago that I went to the Cat Lounge for some support, and ever since that day it has been such a big part of my life (Pollýanna came back home 2 days later, hungry, dirty and smelling of oil, but luckyly not injured) Getting all the support here I realized that here were people that understood my love for Pollýanna, and didnt consider cats as "just pets" Boy, am I glad I found my way to here!

Since Pollýanna brought me here, I thought I´d write a little update on her health. I think I might even also write in her tread in health and nutrition, for all the dirty details

Hmmmmmm.....When was I here last....her "tumours" had gotten bigger and bigger and she had a few kiwi sized or apples sized. After the vet took a sample from one of the tumours, the stitch opened and the tumour started growing out of there. As the vet removed the extra growth she realized the skin around there was dead, so after some "fixing" she had a big open wound that I had to change every day. At one point the vet had gotten the result that this was not cancer - yet, and decited to try to take a part of all this and I took her in for an operation (that was a week ago, when I sneaked in here for a few minutes). After the operation the vet told my she was shocked to see all the growth in the tumours in the few days she hadnt´t seen her, and said, at this point, it was either to try to take all this, or to let her go
So everything was cut off, about a pound of tumours! and since then she has had something very tight over her body and bandages underneeth. She has even lost some nipples, I can only find on at the moment! The longest cut is over 5 inches and she has cuts from neck to bottom. Yesterday she first walked, but for the week I have had to take to to the box 2x a day, feed her some special medical food with syrigne (sp?), otherwise she has just slept, untill yesterday, when she took a little look at the garden from the window sill (with a little help, she cant even jump up to a chair).

When she was waking up from her operation, well, she just didnt wake up, and at one a clock the night after the op (wich was done in the morning) I had her on my and a fleece jacket over her to keep her warm, I realised the was still so cold, and very stiff and her neck was just hanging loose (if I moved her head) and I got no responce from her. At that time I totally panicked and starting sqirting water in her mouth, and by that got some response, but not much. I woke all that night to keep her warm and keep her from doing herself any harm, but I wasnt untill noon the next day that she could walk just a few steps, but no more than that.

This last week has been so hard, and today I took her in for a check, and that story is not for sensitive people

I´m off to bed soon, but I´m gonna write her whole story and this newest news on the Health and Nutrition tomorrow.

All this has been so hard on the nerves, I´m just dont seem to be able to take any more these days, and thank God for each day with Pollýanna around, especially when there is some progress, which isn´t all the time unfortunately.
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Hang in there Hon!!!!
(((((((((((((HUGS to you & Pollyanna))))))))))))))))))
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Does this mean you are going to rearrange the furniture now?

I for one am glad you moved into the cyber-neighborhood. Holding onto prayers for Pollyanna-
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Sending lots of get well vibes to Pollyanna and hugs to you both. Hang in there

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Sending healing vibes to Pollyanna and hopes she gets well soon.

Hang in there. {{{HUGS}}}
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Sending very healthy vibes for Pollýanna, and a lot of (((((HUGS))))).
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It's so nice to have you around Sesselja! I hope we get to hear a lot more about you and your sweet cat in the future (and I hope they will only be good and healthy things!)
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Pollyanna is in my thoughts, and you are, too! I hope she recovers soon.
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Sesselja, I am sending big hugs to you and lots of get well soon vibes for Pollýanna.

Hang in there little furbaby.
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Hang in there! Pollyanna will get better! I know it! sending get well vibes to her right now!!!!
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Congrats Sesselja! It's lovely to have you here, It's nearly time for my 1 year annv. as well.

Sending many healing (((vibes))) to Pollyanna, and a big hug for you!
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Poor you, and poor little Pollyanna.

Sending you both hugs and headbutts from myself and Rosie
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Thanks for your hugs and vibes, you are so great!

I still havent written the whole story in the Health and Nutrition, but I will...

Some update coming here though.

We took Pollýanna to the vet today, and she looked worse than last Friday. One thing was good though, the small hole in her skin seems to have closed, but the bigger one is getting bigger and we could see a lot of dead tissue in through the hole. She is starting to smell really bad from the wound, some rotten smell, the vet managed to take some dead tissue, so hopefully the smell will improve.
The vet shaved some more hair and the skin underneath was all "boiled" from all the things coming from her wound.

Another very very very good news is that, even though she looks so much worse, she seems to feel better, today was the first day she got out of bed herself and vent to the litter box and into bed again! Yesterday I thought she was getting worse, since in one of her visits to the litter box (I took her), after peeing, she just sat down and got comfortable. That is so out of her character, she is the super obsessive clean lady that has to have all the sand on top of her pee. Since the last op. she hasn´t covered her pee, except for one week try once. The pee trip this morning might have been my "foult" since I forced some water in her mouth last night because she has started to eat a bit herself (what I held to her face) but does not drink water when I offer it, and isn´t capable of doing it herself with that huge dog e-collar.

Maybe I should start a "Pollýanna thread" so you know when there is are some news about her, without the news being hitten in different threads.
I hope I am not forcing updates on you! I am so completely involved in this, this is my whole world these days, but I dont mean to bring all this up to your ears! If I am doing that, I am sorry!
I´m glad I´m not working, I woulnt be able to go to work these days, Pollýanna really cant be left alone.

I hope this is not to graphic, I think I will rather write the detailed updates in Health and Nutrition, and let you know here about it, and perhaps the main news.
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Congrats on your anniversary. I was looking at my anniversary date the other day and for some reason I was positive it was in late March or early April but it says June. I remember that I had noticed mine was shortly after Sicy's. Strange! Maybe I remembered wrong!

Well my dear, I'm so sorry to hear about little Polyanna. I now have to go find your thread in the Health and Nutrition forum. I'm hoping the best for you and your little girl.

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I'm glad that Pollyanna has made some sort of improvement... I'll carry on praying for her and sending her good vibes
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