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I´m Back!!!!! :)

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...at least for a while!
We got a bargain on a new hard disc, for just over $430, which can get my computer going, partly. There is still something wrong, and we might have to replace the mother board for some insane amount of money. The screen is also not fixed, but that would cost at least $600, but that will have to wait, since I can see whats on the screen allthough its coarse, unclear and pink . So apart having patiently to turn on the computer when it decides systematicly to shut down or freeze, or shut down any open program, it is fine!

Anyway, I have missed you all a lot, and I have A LOT of catching up to do - both to read and to tell you. I hope you have all been fine while (or was it dispite) I - have been gone!

I am so glad to be back!
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It's good to see to you again hun. I hope your naughty computer behaves. How's Pollyanna??

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Good to see you too Sam!
My poor Pollýanna is so far from beeing good, I even allmost lost her the other day.
I was hoping to have the computer by this day, since I wanted to write an TSC anniversay thread, and now I can! I´ll write some Pollýanna´s update there.
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Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. I'll keep an eye out for the thread!
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Welcome back!:wavy: I'm sorry to hear that Pollyanna isn't doing too good! I'm sending mega healing vibes & prayers her way!
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Yeah! Glad you're back! I hope you get your computer fixed and hopefully it'll be less expensive then you thought! I hope Pollýanna get better!
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I'm so glad you're back! I was wondering about Pollyanna!
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