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our D.T. for Thursday

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One more day until the weekend!

Tomorrow night some of us here at work have to go out with clients that are coming into town to visit. We're going out for crabs (which I can't stand, but it's a regional thing) and then to an Orioles game. last time we went to an orioles game we were second row back from homeplate! I'm not much of a baseball fan, but I couldn't help be excited since we were so close.

On saturday morning I'm getting a massage. I try to get massages a couple times a month. We sit a lot at work and these chairs are killers on the back. It's a luxury that I splurge on for myself. It's so worth it! Great stress reliever.

Nothing going on tonight, since BB2 was last night and not tonight. I might read more of my book.

hope everyones day is wonderful!

Amanda, can't wait to hear how the weekend with the puppy is!
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AP; Second row back "behind" home plate, you say! Well, from behind has always been MY favorite way to view professional athletes. . . . You "can't help but get excited" (?) Tell me about it!!!! Oh, and I love Maryland crabs, also. Sounds like an OKAY weekend to me. How are the Orioles doing this season???? (who cares, TLK; shut up and watch the butts xxxx uh, I mean bats, yeah, that's it, bats. . .

I'm not planning much for today, but I think I will go down to the front porch and wait for the mailman and find out why he has not left a package mailed a week ago. I know e-mail has spoiled me, but this is ridiculous! I can also visit with Cindy/Cindy and Morning Glory. (my two adopted "street cats") It is always a relief to know they are still around; as they refuse to live indoors permanently. They have already outlived the odds. They are both over 8yrs. old I read somewhere on the net that the average life span for an outdoor cat is 3-5yrs.

Have a great Thursday, everyone. Amanda; hope it goes great with the pup. Hope all our "expectant" members are feeling chipper!
Donna; thought I would mention your boy MooShoo before you got a chance to LOL HI, Moo and Eli
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Today is a very happy one for me. I have just finished making travel plans and will be going on vacation in just two weeks. I am flying up to spen 9 great days with Kittyfoot!!!! Whoopieee...I am so happy and it will be great to see him again!

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Don't expect any posts for ANY of that period....from either of us!!!! :goodbad: :eye&mouth
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We will be gone from the 7th of Sept to the 16th.
They don't have tv, phone or computer hookups at the cabin that we have rented as it is up in the mountians and miles from everywhere. But I promise you that we wont be bored.
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MeMe and KittyFoot; I am very happy for both of you! You renew my faith in the ability of Love to seek it's destiny. I will not say "Behave Yourselves" I simply remind you to be sure there is plenty of overhead clearance when "swinging from the Rafters" and remove all breakable furniature or fixtures; least you be made to pay for them. :pinky:

I hope you get to make much beatiful music together. . . . . I also will not redge up the old phrase:"Don't do anything I wouldn't do" (because the last time I checked that list had very few entries)

I trust someone will be looking in on the "fur babies". . . .

Again, Have a Great Vacation!

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Well TLK rest assured that we do NOT intend to behave!
But since this is a log cabin we dont have to worry about putting a hole in the sheetrock.

And it is very rustic and rather bare of furniture.

The cabin has 3 bedrooms , kitchen, living room with wood burning stove and a bath with jacuzzi

As far as making beautiful music together...
well KF sings good but I cant sing at all.. but don't think you mean that type of "music"

Yes someone is looking after the fur babys. No way would we enjoy ourselves unless the "babies" were well taken care of!
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