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Tortie genetics

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I have a tortie female burmese, and a male chocolate mink. Male has chocolate mink mother, and a chocolate pointfather. Female has a lilac mother and cream father..
I'm intrigued by the genetics of coat colour, and am wondering when these two have a litter in the spring, what the outcome will be in terms of kitten colours.. does anyone know?
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I'm not sure how Burmese genetics work, how the mink coloring works, etc.

But in general---with a lilac/cream tortie mother and a chocolate father---you'll get some dark males and some cream males. The dark males could be chocolate or lilac, depending on if they get the dilute coloring. The females will be chocolate, lilac, or tortie. If she carries the point gene you have a 25% chance of getting a pointed kitten, no chance of a pointed kitten if she doesn't carry.
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