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Friday DT

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Well, I have mastered my new digital camera. It's a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-P32 of 3.2 Mega Pixels. With memory cards. Yahoo!

Now, It isn't a pretty day either. Have you ever heard of sand? Think about kidney "stones", now think of kidney "sand". That's what I am having. Although the stones are million times more horrible, it is not pleasant. It's *ouch* to say the least.
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Ouch Victor! although it is nearly Saturday here I thought I would join in Fridays thread. It snowed today, not bad but v.cold. Gone by dinner time though - we have a saying over here - 'if you dont like the weather - wait 5 minutes'. Today that was so true! We dont have a climate just weather. Still I finished work early on Friday which was good, Hurrah! Going to High Wycome to visit my nephew and wife tomorrow - looking forward to that. Sunday at a Stitch and Hobbycraft fair in Birmingham to spend lots of money which I always like until the credit card bill comes. Never mind - onward and upward.
Have a great weekend everyone
Alexis I
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Both congratulations and ouch to you Victor! Have fun shopping Alexis!

I'm in a funk, funk, funk, funk today. Brought Spike back to the vet cause his eye wasn't healing as fast as expected and he gave him a strong sedative so that he could do more eye diagnostics. Changed the meds for the eye ulcer. He has permanent nerve damage so it's eye drops for life (his tear ducts no longer work), or possibly surgery if he doesn't manage the drops well.

And Bogart....*sigh*.....after a long talk with the vet, we're in agreement that while I haven't waited too long, that it's not too soon for him either. He hasn't eaten much today and down to 6 pounds (from 11 pounds in his prime).

So....I'm going to spend the majority of the weekend flat on my back with Bogart in my arms (he wouldn't want to spend his birthday any other way). I'll need a TCS fix once in a while to take my mind off of things.
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today was actually fun, for a school project my group and i had to go to a trade show and we picked the wine and cheese show, it was really great, i tried all the new alcohol products that are coming out in canada and all kinds of food! i am full of pasta (uhh)
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Well my friday sucks but at the same time it's good. I useally work Firday Nights. but I had to call in sick. Started getting sick yesterday before work. But thought I could fight it off before I had to work tonight. Then got home this morning went to bed and woke up running a fever and feeling like doggie do. We are short staffed at work, My co worker on my shift is out until maybe june. So I have to cover an extra shift every week. but now that I am sick I ticked off my boss, cause she has to cover my shift today. So I get the first night off with my b/f in a long time so that's the good point. Other then that I'm in trouble with my work. But oh well nothing I can do about it. Hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend and rest of Friday!!!
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My thoughts are with you Momofmany.

Yoviher, I hope you get better soon.

Worked at the farm today, fertilising a pasture and then clearing a culvert that keeps getting clogged. Discovered the culprit - BEAVERS!!! THey were stashing the wood in the culvert. Gosh, they are a nuisance!

Just got out of the shower and am talking to my mum on MSN.

Have a good evening.

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Well been sorting out Nana's car problems all day, been at the car yard trying to reason with the people, so stressful, then we went to the Warehouse and got a meal. At 5PM this evening I'm going out for dinner and a movie with Ian & Jess. Hope everyones having a nice day, and lovely weather!(like me)
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Thought this day would never end. Had a light day, at work but, it dragged on. Between the migraine and a trip to the dentist, I've had a rough week. To top things off, next week's schedules weren't printed and distributed. I know that I work 9-5:30 but, my breaks, lunches and training sessions are at different times. My supe has been off, for two weeks straight and the person who was supposed to do the schedules hasn't been around, for the past two days.

Got stuck in a traffic jam and had to take a detour, on the way home. There was a shooting, on my route and it didn't come on the news until I was in the middle of the jam. It took me 25 minutes, to get the last two miles.

I'm going to try to get Bill to do something relaxing, this weekend. We haven't gotten out and done anything, for quite some time.

If any cats wake me up, tomorrow they will become cat-kabobs!
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