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I love this cat, he was rescued from an at risk feral colony almost 2 years ago. He is a small grey black and white DSH with so much personality. We named him Shredder because at a very early age (we got him at 3 weeks old) he loved to shred paper towel rolls, paper, toilet paper, mail....Which he still loves to do.

This morning I got up really early to find muddy tracks all over the kitchen floor, so while I was down on my hands and knees scrubbing, Shredder bombs through the cat door and leaps on my back. :laughing2: He settles down with his head dangling over my shoulder and stayed there as I carefully scrubbed the rest of the floor. At night, when we are crawling into bed, he will bomb into the room and leap either on my back or Mike's forcing Mike to lay on his stomach until Shredder decides to get down. At no time, does this wonderful kitty use his claws when he is engaged in this activity either. He was really sick when he came here and needed a lot of extra attention, so I guess maybe he is spoiled?????????:laughing2:
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He sounds like a really special little guy. I'm always amazed at how much personality all of our cats have.

I had to smile at the thought of you cleaning the floor with a cat on your back!
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Hissy; You THINK he might be spoiled!
You "think" he might be spoiled! Girl, he is spoiled. . . . . .
But it is so easy to do; especially when they needed "extra care" so young. I spoil every one of mine now and I spoiled very one that ever decided to stay with me. I am not ashamed to say that. Having him ride your back didn't make cleaning the floor all that more difficult, but it sure made your heart HEAVY with love!
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I too gave out a chuckle when I imagined Shredder on your back and you scrubbing your floor. :LOL: I remember you telling stories of the little guy. Something about a shrew in the bed!

It is so easy to spoil them and it sounds as if he deserves all the spoiling he can take. It also appears he is returning the favor!
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Oh Hissy! Thank you for telling us that story....I needed a good smile!
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Shredder - a great name and a great story!
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Hissy - Shredder sounds like such a wonderful cat. Just once I'd love an overt display of affection from Muffy like that, but I better not hold my breath!
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I enjoyed reading your story about Shredder. I could picture him on your shoulder while you were cleaning the floor. He's a very pretty kitty. I can see why he is so spoiled.
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