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Hi All,

I just want to point out that there may be differences in interpretation of terms here. A shelter, to me, and to some people reading, might imply that there is a physical space where an animal could be housed. Although the Save Our Strays site is AWESOME, it's listing of no kill facilities includes many in my own state (Maryland) which are "not sheltered" -- that is, they do not have their own kennel or cattery space. Instead, they have networks of foster homes, or something similar -- but those tend to be full much of the time.

I just wanted to caution readers that just because a listing is "no kill," please do not assume that they have a space for an animal. Please think seriously about working WITH them as a foster for that animal, or helping them by recruiting a friend or neighbor to provide foster housing for the animal. Don't think they are being insensitive when they have to tell you "no" -- they may truly not have a way of offering shelter to your animals!

By the way I ADORE the Save Our Strays site, the book, and author/activist Bob Christiansen!