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2nd cat?

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Can I ask everyone that has one cat actually, does your cat get lonely? My one is doing well but I do think of adopting a friend for him. My other question is: If you have a male resident cat should you adopt a female new cat or does it matter if it's male? My male isn't too territorial but one never knows what would happen if a new cat were introduced.

But do cats need companionship from another cat? Or if things are going well should I not rock the boat?
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Hi Marge

I had an only cat for 14 yrs. I used to think she was fine since I was home all the time to keep her company after work. I would leave her plenty of toys, etc. And she slept alot. Now that I have 2, I realize that cats are very social animals and actually get along better with a partner! It doesn't have to be a cat. My sister's cat cuddles up with her 2 dogs.

Cats can get along as solo pets. Mine did. Just be prepared to play with him at night and give him some interaction.

Your final decision should include this question to yourself:

Can I afford the care and vetting of 2 cats?
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Thanks. It's also a question of space. I had two cats here for a bit and my place is small and I realized there wasn't enough room for two busy indoor kittens. I think another mellow older cat might be fine.

Imean my cat seems happy so maybe i should leave well enough alone. Cause there is also having to make the room for another litter box etc. And the expense. I do play with him at night a lot, but I am never sure if it's enough.
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It's never really easy to tell.

I had one cat for a year, and took in another stray when she was a year old. They tolerated one another, but they never played together or groomed each other.

Puss (the original cat) would have been happiest as an only cat, I think. After Cleo, the stray I took in, was gone, I adopted two kittens.

It's three years later, and Puss still hates the boys. At least with Cleo, they could she didn't hiss at her every time she walked past.

But for the most part they all do coexist peacefully.

It's a toss-up - having cats that get along can be a wonderful thing. But some cats are perfectly happy being only cats.
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Don't let your angst get in the way and decide something that might be detrimental to your resident cat. She may be perfectly happy being a solo cat, then again, introducing another cat gradually over time, may also enhance her life. It all boils down to the temperment of both cats and how that introduction goes off. Cats are social animals, that is why there are so many feral cat colonies, for cats that are cast-offs from people's lives will come together eventually outdoors to survive. How long have you had this cat? That plays into it as well. If she has been solo for ten years, she may not take to kindly to a young kitten being thrust into her world. It really is a judgement call. If you do decide to adopt another one, make sure your finances can support a second kitty. Including any emergencies that might come up.
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I haven't had him long. He is one years old and I adopted him about a month ago. And he does seem happy actually. But always wants outside, and I was thinking another cat might make him happier to stay in. For instance I am going to be out of town in June for a week and I can't see this cat being ok stuck inside alone the whole time (my neighbor will come by, but that won't be enough...) But then again, he can get over that and I am starting to think i should leave well enough alone. He is a nice friendly cat but this place is his domain now, and so I really wonder if he would like sharing it on another level.

But if I did get another, would it be wise to get a female that wouldn't threaten him as much? Or does it matter?
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Well, I've seen it both ways. I got Simon when he was about 3 months old and brought him home where my roommate had a older single cat. She (the cat) was unhappy enough at the prospect of sharing space that I ended up moving out about three months later. Mind you, she was about 11 years old at the time.

Then, after I got my own apartment, my boyfriend (now husband) decided he wanted a cat. Well, we got little Max, who ended up living with me and Simon since my boyfriend traveled alot. Simon was about a year old at the time. After about one day of hissing, Simon and Max became fast friends. They are still the best of buddies.

I think Hissy's right. It depends on the personality of the cat. Did he live with other cats before? If he seems to be OK and you have issues with space, money, whatever, its probably better if you don't get another one. As for male or female, I have two males that are best friends. I think as long as everyone is nuetered/spayed it's OK.
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my cat emmet was for a while an only cat. He started getting lazy and kinda chubby...then doofus my other cat showed up....and Emmet has never been healthier.. He has lost most of the buldge, and has seemed happier. I would recommend a male if you already have a male, but im sure either would work
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ff When I brought home another cat, my big fat kitty Rein (who was about 6 years at the time) hated it and hated me. It really took about 2 years before she would even cuddle up with me anymore! Now we have 3 cats (Poor Rein), but I think that she's just used to it now. I think that the catch is that you have to make sure that you spend even amounts of time with both of them. Good luck!
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I had Red Cat a couple of years before I took in Purdy, both neutered males. I didn't know anything about a gradual introduction, so in he came. Red Cat is extremely territorial, and we had fights galore for several months. Once it was settled that Red Cat was top cat, they became very good friends, though we still have spats occasionally. But it is so good to see them playing tag and hide and seek. And it is wonderful not to have Red Cat constantly wanting ME to play tag and hide and seek, or something else! They obviously have so much fun together, and get far more exercise than they would without each other. As it is, they are both 14 pounds. I can only imagine how hard it would be to keep either from becoming a heavyweight if they didn't have each other.

I do have to be careful that Red Cat doesn't think Purdy is getting too much attention, though. Several times Red Cat has urine marked the top of my desk when I wouldn't pet him as long as he wanted when I wanted to get back to working at my desk. And each time it was after Purdy had been on my desk or in my lap, so I do think it was a jealousy thing.

They both sleep with me and both are real momma's boys, wanting lots of petting (Red Cat) or lap-sitting (Purdy), so I'm certainly not lacking on that score.

I've never had a female cat, so can't speak on whether male or female might be better.
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I had one cat for a long while then brought in a kitten. I think the kitten helped to give my older cat a second kittenhood. Tho my older cat refused to purr for 4 years as a way to punish me. No litter problems, no aggression, just decided he wouldn't purr. The day he "found" his purr again was quite the day for me!!

My older cat just died and the younger one who has a habit of crying/vocalizing alot has increased in this. I really think she misses him even tho they weren't the best of pals. No fights just not lovey-dovey to each other.

I just got a teenage cat from the shelter in hopes of giving her a companion. Just got him last night and introducing them slowly. She's hid last night while the new baby is in a large wire cage. I'm hoping she'll venture out and sniff him through the cage. I'm hoping they will get accustomed to each other and at the very least have each other as company while I'm gone 10 hours a day with work.

I really feel she was lonely so the new baby is really her kitty! Keep your fingers crossed for us.
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I take adoption so seriously that I don't want to make a BIG mistake! I Mean he is doing so well, we are so compatible and when I am there is happy as a clam...so introducing another could be great or it could backfire.

To be honest, one thing I learned about myself was all the chasing and wrestling of two drove me nuts. I hope that doesn't sound shallow, I can see why some find it endearing. But I had two kittens the last time and I adored them but I got so tired of A) the dominant one biting his submissive sisters ears-then her hissing. I mean this went on over and over again..and although I know it's great to let littermates stay togher, I felt she was so dominated by her alpha littermate that she was getting more and more withdrawn. I used to separate them from time to time, but she would just seek him out. and B) just the noise after a long day. I feel it's wise to have pet that you can give to, but that also makes YOU happy in your lifestyle.

Anyways, I will play it by ear. I was kind of thinking I would throw this to the Gods, not SEEK a new cat but if one comes my way-or the timing just feels right I would do it.
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