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Vet trip this morning...

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I caught Summer urinating outside of the box this morning. I haven't changed anything from her usual routine or anything. She has been drinking out of the toilet (I don't put any chemicals in it) any chance she can....she also drank out of the faucet in the bath tub last Sunday while I was cleaning out the fish tank. So, I took her to the vet, and she is still there...her bladder was empty when I first took her there, so I had to leave her there. Please leave me some moral support...I hope she'll be okay.
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I will say a prayer for her
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Thanks....I hope I'm not being a paranoid Mommy, but she is my baby...they told me that quite a few cats drink out of the toilet and that her doing so was actually okay because if she has a UTI it's helping her
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I'm sure she'll be OK-she's at the best place. (((Hugs))) for you....
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We all are to some degree or another *LOL* - they are our babies afterall. Besides it's best to err on the side of safety!

Hope she can come home soon!!!! XOXOXOXOX to you furbaby
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Dont worry she'll be fine!! ((( hugs )))
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No word on Summer yet....I hope she is okay. I miss her. It is SOOO weird without her being here!
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Hi sofiecushion. I hope Summer is o.k ! She might have a small bladder infection. Most of my cats have had one or two over the years. It is cleared up easily with meds. Or she might have gotten spooked temporarily out of her box at an earlier time. That happened to Blondie once. It took her awhile to get used to the box again, but she did. LMK, how she is doing. I will say a prayer for her. BTW, my grade for my IN-CLASS portion of my Ad. Lit. exam didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. Hopefully the essay part will go better. LMK, about Summer.
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The vet called....still not enough in her for her to go. She's probably nervous in a strange place. They told me it might be a few hours yet. I thought she might have gotten spooked too, but I was the only one here and I saw her do it here in the bedroom. The only time I've ever seen her spooked is when I take her in the car lol...guess that's normal. I thought I smelled urine the other day, but I couldn't find it and for awhile I thought it was just my imagination. Also her licking the faucet kind of sent alarm bells off in my head because our cat Friskie did that a number of years ago and she ended up having a UTI. When I saw her pee on the floor....that was the last straw and I called the vet. I guess I am a worry wart.

The in class portion was starange (told ya so) However, the take-home is what made my confidence slope because she found so many things wrong, and I wrote it in the same format as her example! However, she did let us rewrite it....don't know what I got as a final grade on it, but I did okay in the class so it couldn't have been THAT bad. You'll be fine.
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Summer DOES have a UTI. Guess my instints were right.
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Forgot to mention...they said her red blood cells count was off the charts. The white blood cell count was also high. Ph was normal.

Thank you guys for the support!
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AWWWW. Poor Summer. Hope she gets better real soon.

A UTI isn't fun for a sweety.
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Hi sofiecushion!! Hope Summer recovers soon!! I kind of thought (as you did) that it was probably a bladder(urinary trac) infection. 10 days of ammoxi drops or clavamox should clear her up. Blondie had a really bad one last year. The one nasty cat that came with Lily had screamed so loud one day and Blondie had heard her. Blondie got so petrified that it made her stess out and get her UTI. The vet had to put her on subcuteanous (sp?) fluids because she was also dehydrated!! I was scared I was going to lose her. Thankfully she fully recovered and I no longer have that aggressive, screaming kitty. Give Summer a hug for me and let me know how she is coming along.
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It's good that you took Summer to the vet's right away. How's she doing?
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Summer seems to be better. She no longer has the water pouch on her leg from when they filled her up. She hasn't gone outside of the box again. She has a water dish in the bedroom (her favorite room) for now too. She has gotten three doses so far of the clavamox (2 yesturday and one so far today). She will need to be on it until the 26th. I am taking her back to the vet that day to get another test done to make sure that it has cleared up.
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What a smart cat owner you are!! Kudos to you. Hope she feels better soon.
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WOW! Talk about being in tune with your cats lives and personalities.
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LOL. Yeah, I guess I AM in tune with Summer's life and personality. She seems to be feeling better. No more drinking out of the toilet (which I KNEW wasn't a normal behavior for my baby) or faucet. I think it may have been caused by the canned food I was giving her. She received the same kind at the shelter I got her from...guess she'll just be getting her dry nutro and some kind of premium canned food once in awhile.

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Summer is a very fortunate cat to have such an observant owner!! Glad she is on the mend.
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