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Royal vers. Natural

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Question: Trying to decide on Royal Cannan indoor or Natural Balance dry food. Right now she is on the Royal cannan and seems to do well, she has long hair and has hairballs sometime. Also I give her Natural Balance wet about 1 tablespoon with the dry twice a day. I like the ingredients of the Natural Balance and thougt I would try the dry. What is your opinion?
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Natural Balance is healthier.
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Unless you are a nutritionist, no one can really answer that question adequately. Royal Canin does extensive and humane research in coming up with specific blends for specific needs of your cats. For example, all the orphaned kittens that arrive here get fed on Royal Canin and they thrive on it. I did several articles about their food and I have done extensive research into their program. I have to say I am impressed with what I found out, and how adequately the food has responded to different cats.

But each cat is different, and you have to find the food that works for you, and makes positive changes in your cat's coat, health and overall appearance.
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We recieved free samples for Royal and for Blue. Our cats loved Blue so much, they also liked Royal, but we aren't rich enough to pay that kinda money for 9 cats, $10 for 3.5 lbs?! We use purina indoor formula because all the cats love it. Once I move out though I plan on using Royal or Blue because then I will only have 2 cats.
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I haven't got a clue which of the two different brands that is the best one since Natural Balance doesn't exist here in Sweden but Royal Canin is a perfectly fine meal for a cat. It's based on dried chicken meat and contains all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs. I fed all my cats with RC until just recently when I started to make my own cat food. It's not that I'm dissatisfied with RC but I like the idea of giving my cats (and myself) food that's based on organicly growed vegetables and ecological meat.

RC Indoor however contains a little bit to little protein for my liking.
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There are many organic cat foods i.e. Newman's Own (yes, Paul), Dr. Jane Bick, and healthier ones like Solid Gold, Wellness, Innova, California Natural and Natural Balance. This last one is by Dick Van Patton ( 8 is enough). I admire you for making it yourself and if you like to do it, more power to you.
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Since your cat has long hair, what about trying Royal Canin's Persian Formula? It looks like it's made to help keep long haired cat silky and has extra fiber to help with hairballs. Might be worth trying.

Mynx eats Royal Canin indoors and really likes it.

Here's a link to the Royal Canin persian food page

Persian Formula
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Thanks for all your imput. My cat is part maine coone, and I think Royal Cannin has the Mine Coone mix also. I'll have to check into it.
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My cats loved Natural Balance. I've brought home samples of Royal Canin indoor, Chicken Soup, and Natural Balance. Natural Balance was their favorite!
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Sash eats Natural Balance and loves it. Royal Canin is also good, I had that before but Sash didn't seem to like it too much.

Lisa & Sash
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If you're feeding a good food that you believe is healthy, and your cat is doing good, why switch?
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I can't feed Jamie RC because of the beet pulp in most, and the soybeans in some, varieties, but a lot of cats do very well on it, though there are brands with more meat. Does your cat react to a change in diet with an upset stomach or diarrhea? If not, you might consider alternating, or mixing, the two brands. Jamie insists on variety, regardless of whether it's his breakfast (dry food) or dinner (canned). Right now he's getting Solid Gold, Eukanuba and Innova dry, but I'm expecting a delivery of Nutro tomorrow to replace the Eukanuba. I got some samples of the two new RC varieties in the mail last week: Oral Sensitive 30, and Exigent, which is for very picky cats. The neighbor's cat is eating the Exigent right now, although she's old and it's only supposed to be for cats up to 10. She has hated every brand of senior food her owner has tried.
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