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Wierd behavior

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I'm new as a cat owner and one problem is my cat allways comes up to me wanting to be petted but when I reach down to pet him he starts to lash at me with his paw. He don't claw me but he acts like he is going to and he acts like he is going to bite me too. Another thing is he will get real wired up and if I walk into a room he will crouch down like I'm a danger to him and then bolt out of the room then a minute later he will approach me wanting petted like nothing happened. Any clues to this puzzling behavior would be appreciated.
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That sounds to me that somebody has abused him befor you got him . The best would be to let him come to you for the loving and don't try to reach for your cat it may just try to defent itself thinking it get hit or something . I am sure in time (hoping) it will get better . It may will take a while for that cat to trust again a human , so please be patiant with your new cat .
But then , if it is a kitten it may just want to play . You never said the age of the cat .
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This sounds exactly what Dori does to me when she wants to play. She will get real crazy and run all over the apartment, jumping on top of things and just being silly. When I go look for her she crouches down and pounces on me. When he crouches down does he kind of wiggle his but like he is gonna pounce on you? Dori does that and the other, she acts like she wants to be sweet and cuddle or just wants me to pet her and next thing you know she is attacking me.
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He is 10 months old and I got him from the shelter. I also failed to mention that I do let him come to me for petting and I try to talk to him reasssuringly so he don't get scared. He is just funny because one minute he is calm and affectionate and the next thing you know he is all perked up and wired out and running around like he is on caffine and he is unapproachable. I've had him for a month.
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Vinny does that to me alot. He runs up to me rolls on his back, like he wants me to rub his belly, then as soon as I touch his belly he goes for my hand an lashes on. He's cool I dont mind when he bites. He's got his adult teeth now but I can still handle his hard bites. Most of the time though he just play bites, no pressure. I think Vinny just wants to out smart me
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I've had my cat Candy for 13 mos (she's almost 2). At times she seems uncomfortable when I reach down to pet her (she stiffens). Now I bend down so I'm more to her level and less threatening and let her sniff my hand first. After 20 seconds or so of sniffing she rubs her face into my hand very lovingly, demanding to be petted. She's a very calm and mellow cat, but when I rub her belly too long she very gently "bites" me, or gently pushes my hand away (no claws) saying enough already. I read that cats can get very overstimulated by belly rubbing, or feel vulnerable when their bellies are exposed.

It might be that your cat is trying to tell you he wants to play with you with a toy when he runs around crazy like that. Sometimes when Candy plays (she loves for me to throw her toys and she chases them) then she sits on them and then bolts away, like the excitement was too overwhelming. Your cat is only 10 mos old - he's young and full of energy. He may feel frustrated if he doesn't get enough playtime with you.

Jill and Candy
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I'll try the playing with Oscar more. That may very well be what he is trying to tell me.
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