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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post

Hi! wavey.gif
I should sort out who is who on Faceboo. After I got to know the ones I have on Facebook, I have forgotten or mixed up their tcs usernames. laughing02.gif

Same here!

Hi, everybody! Hope you'll be checking in more frequently!
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Hello from Cincinnati! Miss everybody! I'll try to check in more often! 

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It's nice to see everyone! clap.gif
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Hi All, and Happy New Year.

Former mentor. I also pop by now and again but not nearly as much as I ought to!

Hope everyone is doing well
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Hi all! wavey.gif

Like the others, I'm having trouble connecting FB names to TCS usernames for many, LOL.
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Can we do a pinned post or anything with names? haha

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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post

Hi! wavey.gif
I should sort out who is who on Faceboo. After I got to know the ones I have on Facebook, I have forgotten or mixed up their tcs usernames. laughing02.gif

Me too... I remember you from here, but did not link you to you on FB! LOL biggrin.gif
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wavey.gif saying happy new year to all of you! God Bless you always, at this site, who saw me grew up and support me in a good as well bad times!

Happy new year 2017!vibes.gif
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This thread is a blast from the past! Great to see you here, everyone! :wavey:

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Hi, everyone!:wavey: My crew (and I) are all seniors now :lol3:   I need to figure out how to post current picture of them.



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@Pollyanna, what a good idea -- it would be great to connect with some TCS folks as Facebook Friends as well as on here, and the TCS Official Page isn't the same as a private FB group.  I am in one Secret group called "Pawsitive Place" that some of the early members of an earlier cat group formed when there was too much UNhappy stuff being posted, and when some unpleasant person was rough and rude on our youngest member who was only 12 years old at the time.  There were over 1200 people in the original cat group by then so we made this additional group and made it secret.  The only way to get in is to be invited in by a friend.  The rule is ONLY HAPPY STUFF, pictures, videos etc. and ALWAYS BE KIND TO EACH MEMBER.    I am not suggesting we need another one of those, but TCS Team could have a private and/or secret group to include present team and veterans who want to join it.  Then on our list that includes names, etc. we could include FACEBOOK names.  I am not well enough organized to make this happen but SOME of you must be. 


For instance, my name is Kaia Denham, exactly how it is listed on Facebook, and I live in Acworth, Georgia, USA.  My TCS name is Red Top Rescue, and I am currently on the team as an Advisor (currently assigned to Pregnant Cats & Kittens and Care & Grooming).


If we could access that info for everyone, we could connect more easily.  Also if we had a group of TCS Team Members that INCLUDED TCS Veterans, who cannot connect in the Team Lounge anymore, that would be a superb group indeed!!  Any of you out there willing to make that happen?

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I remembered my Tcs name but not my password. I'm FB friends with some of us oldies but I'm Gail Krueger Carriveau on FB if you want to connect with me there. All my original kitties are gone except for Bakker who I got from a rescue in 2004. Lots of kitty pics on FB though.
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To say it's been a while since I've been on here would be an understatement! laughing02.gif Another Former Mod here, I was here since (almost) the beginning & then stupid "real life" (a.k.a. job) got in the way. It's still in the way - I'm WAY too busy at work, overtime included. sigh.gif Saw this on my TCS notifications email & thought I'd pop in.

My husband has promised me that we can adopt a new kitten in mid-February so I'll probably be around more to get the future little guy acclimated to our household of 3 girls. I'm SO psyched to add to my feline family again!!! woohoo.gif

Oh yeah - I'm Heidi if you don't know me already. wavey.gif
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Its really nice to see so many of you stopping by to say hi.  :wavey:


It's got me reminiscing about how much has changed since I joined TCS!  Mooch and Noodles were babies and they are seniors. DH and I had been married not quite 2 years and were living in a little place in a not-so-great neighborhood.  I was still at my first job after college.  And I was skinny! thud.gif  Ok maybe not skinny; but I'd sure that that weight back right now! :lol3:scale.gif 

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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post

 And I was skinny! thud.gif   Ok maybe not skinny; but I'd sure that that weight back right now! laughing02.gifscale.gif  

Ain't that the truth!!clap.gif
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Hiya!! Hmm, yeah I'm in the 'real life got in the way' crowd, busy at work and just got out of the habit of getting online in the evenings. Been popping in a little bit the past few months, reading more than posting... nice to see tons of new people as well as the people from way back when, who were 'old' members before I even joined! I've successfully stayed away from joining FB thus far, so I'm just on here when it comes to cat stuff and cat people. wink.gif
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I posted a similar thread last year:

Some people stopped in to provide updates.

I'm not here very much anymore.  I'm having pain issues and can't sit for long periods of time. I only have a desktop computer, so because I can't sit for long, I am rarely at the computer anymore.  I mainly just check emails every few days, and once or twice a month check here and a couple other forums that I used to frequent.

Spencer and Katie are doing well. They love the new apartment and both are enjoying their new cat tree.  I found Spencer actually sleeping on it yesterday for the first time.

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