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Rainbow Bridge

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I'm using the 'green eyes' theme but when I go to the RB board it's light blue....... does anyone know why???
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Hi Rhian,

Anne has changed the color scheme there just the other day. It will appear that color to everyone, no matter what color scheme you have chosen. We are starting to bring sponsors into that forum alone, that will have products to help people get over the grief they are going through. There will only be two sponsors for that particular forum, and we thought we would try and find a color that was peaceful and serene.
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Yes, we are road testing this new feature where the bridge forum would have a different look than the rest of the board. We felt that the jovial look with the banners at the top is not very suitable for the bridge, so went with what we hope is a serene color palette and subdued text-only sponsorship messages. This will be the only forum where users will not be able to choose their own style.

Please let us know what you think about the color scheme and the idea in general.

Thank you.
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I think it looks great (and am very glad my computer isn't on the fritz ) Thanks for replying so quickly.
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Don't you all just love the baby blue? I think its so serene!
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Ooooh it really does look lovely. I like it alot.
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Looks very nice ! Makes the Rainbow Bridge area feel " special" to me since it looks so different from the rest of the board.
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Oh I thought it was just mine, and that I had 'done something' to my computer.
It IS very peaceful and serene - thanks
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