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Tonight is the night

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Well tonight is the night that I am leaving camping. I won't be back until Monday afternoon. I have my boyfriend's mom coming on Sat. & Sun. just to make sure she has plenty of food and water and to give her some wet food. She is allergic to cats and doesn't like them so I know she will not be spending anytime playing with her I hope she does ok at home alone, I am sure she will (as we have all ready discussed it) buut I still feel soooooo bad. This is the first time I have left her overnight. She was cuddling with me this morning before I got out of bed and I was talking to her telling her I was going but that I would be back and she just cuddled closer. Poor baby! She is going to hate me.
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She won't hate you, even when horrific things are done our fur friends find ways to love us and what you are doing is not horrific. You deseave a vacation too. Too bad she won't be played with, just give her lots of attention b-4 and after, you'll be forgiven right away.
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Throw on an old pair of sneakers, and wear them without socks and get them good a sweaty with your scent. Leave them for her right before you leave- it will help her to know you are close. Stick them in a ziplock bag after you sweat them out, and then take them from the bag and lay them on the floor right before you get ready to walk out the door.
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Awwwww she will be fine. I know how you feel, and i bet you can't wait until you get back.

Enjoy yourself!
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Hissy, is that why she loves to rub her face in my shoes so much! I have never been able to figure that out. If I come back from a walk and take my shoes off and take a shower, I come back out and she rolls all over with it!

Well,I just found out his mom can not come check on her afterall. I am frantically trying to find someone but I leave in a few hours! UGH! My vets office said it is safe to leave her, so I guess I will still. But the one thing that me me peace of mind (knowing someone would be checking on her) is now gone.
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Oh no that is too bad!! Please make sure you leave tons of dry food and water bowls out! I would even fill up the sink with water too before you leave.
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At the last minute, I found someone who will check on her once Saturday and Sunday! YAY Sorry to bother you guys so much with this, I have just been stressed out about it.

Sicy- I also wanted to tell you that I think Zoey and Saki are absolutely georgeous! I think that everytime I see your signature.
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Yeah short term I feel fine leaving him. It's the longer term I worry about, I started a post here earlier about a week long trip I am taking that I worry about. but a weekend, he will be restless but i know ok. I would just leave a boatload of food and an extra litter box if you can. And music or TV on or something. They will be fine and better off with a happy, vacationed parent.
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I saw your post Marge, I would be an even bigger mess leaving her for longer than a weekend. This was actually 2 weeks ago, I forgot to post that Dori was fine while I was gone. I couldn't wait to get back home to see her. She was extra cuddly when I got back and wouldn't leave my side. The next day everything was back to normal.
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