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Deep red cats

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I'm always toying with the idea of becoming a breeder one day (probably in 15 years or so, when hubby retires from the military and we both have the time and money).

Some nights ago I had a drean about having a red cat (don't ask me what this means ) and it got me wondering... I have never seen a cat that color, but I have heard that acheiving solid red in cats is very difficuly, almost impossible. I know that Abys and Somalis have a red version (sorrel?) but that would be agouti red, right? Has anyone ever seen a solid red in a show? What breeds would have solid reds (other than Persians)?

Just curios...
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Ahha, Thank goodness for Frannie's mom on this one. I too was stumped when I thought about it. So off I went to ask away.
The red gene is a tabby gene. The ones you would call a solid red have the least amount of striping possible. If you look close at a "red" cat you will see the M on the head and faint striping on the tail.
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Yeah, that's what I thought. I was wondering if anyone has actually seen one because I am curious about the hue. I was thinking about deep dark red, kind of burgundy hue and all the "red" cats that I've seen pictures of are basically orange.
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