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Hissy--how successful are Bach remedies?

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Hi Hissy,
You've mentioned the Bach remedies a few times and I was wondering what success you've had with them. I posted earlier about my cats not getting along and you suggested impatiens for my 12 y.o. girl who is terrified of my 2 y.o. boy and goes crazy whenever she sees him. I tried Rescue Remedy for several weeks, once a day but didn't have any luck. How long do you have to give the impatiens, how much at at time and how often before you see its effects? Thanks!
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I am fortunate because in the town near where I live, I have met a very gentle man who is into nature and the natural way of healing. He has been instrumental in guiding me to the right remedies for the problems I have encountered with my cats since moving here. The one thing I like the best about the flower remedies, is unlike conventional medicine, there are no side effects. The remedies work with the body not against them and you can give the wrong type of remedy to your cat and it will suffer no ill effects. The drops should be given 4 times a day, and it is possible to miss the actual behavior signs that are occurring to create the behavior, and give the wrong thing. You can also mix them to create a more effective blend.

I would suggest that you go to a website where they are well-versed in the dispersing of these essences and talk to them. Is your cat being aggressive, or fearful? Fear can cause another cat to attack a feline friend, and so perhaps another essence will work better for you. Another alternative, is to contact an animal behaviorist most of the ones that I know understand that these remedies can help with the behavior of cats. There are behaviorists listed on meowhoo- you can also find Cat Faeries to be helpful, and others.

Take a look here
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I used Flower Essences on Zoey for months in her food along with training to try to curb her biting problem. I believe it really did work as now she never bites at all.
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I have used 2 calming remedies from to no avail. They were expensive and did nothing. I now have a Bach Flower Remedy for cat calming and have noticed no difference. I have now Vetvera ,which is an essensial oil and they won't let me near them so I have poured some on a cottonball and hopefully they're smelling it. Does anyone have more that I can try for cats not getting along? I am willing to try anything to have 2 of them, especially, get along.
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A lot of times you need to have instead of one general mixture, a blend of different essences mixed together. You also want to use bottled spring water to mix them, never tap water or distilled water.
For cats not getting along, I would investigate Beech-Chicory-Holly or Vervain-
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I think they are great. I got the one for traumatized animals, since mine lived on the streets for so long, and he really responded well to it. We had several great bonding sessions after I started using it. And i noticed some of his neurotic behavior was going away. I think they are wonderful.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I will take any, and all, suggestions. My one is becoming a terror and bully.
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little big cat has some for peacemaking
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Marge, I don't understand your message. What does it mean?
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The website off that link Little Big Cat- they have a remedy for peacemaking among cats.
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Hissy, or anyone, I hope someone can answer this question.

I've heard nothing but good things about the Bach remedies from many cat owners. I ordered Mimulus for my cat, because she is timid and afraid of things. However, when I opened the bottle, before I read the ingredients, I smelled alcohol right away. Sure enough, there is 27% alcohol in it, but as an inactive ingredient, so I never gave it to her.

I don't know exactly what "inactive" ingredient means, I only know it still smells like alcohol.

Jill and Candy
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Thanks for all the input--it sounds like there have been mixed successes. I imagine it's something you have to really work at getting the right combination and dosage. I'll check out the Little Big Cat site.
Iluvcandy, regarding the "inactive" alcohol, my guess would be that it has no medicinal effect, it's there as a carrier for the other ingredients. If you look on a package of human medicine there are always some inactive ingredients such as colouring or gelatin.
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Can I use like Bach Flower Remedies or the Rescue remedies just in a few trops in the water ? I have a few cats who react sometimes like meat heads to the others and was wondering if I could just use something in their water what they drink to calm them a little . Also what would be best to use for them ? And is that something I may can get in my Natural Food store where I get all my other vitamines and stuff ?
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Rescue Remedy is available at GNC nutrition stores. It can be put in their water or administered orally. Another way to give it is to rub a few drops on their ears so it can be absorbed.
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Great , thanks Ollie .
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I have had NO results from any herbal, flower or essentil oil remedies. If you have had positive results with anything, please write in and let me know. Thanks for any help and suggestions.
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I did have a good experience. I used a formula for recently stray animals and mine really seemed to relax more after that.
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I have seen the positive effects of Rescue Rememdy in Sierra's positive adjustment to our new home. For immediate results, instead of putting it in her water where she'll get only a little at a time, I put a few drops in her dish and rub a little of her food in it. She always licks her plate spotless.
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