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Hello Everyone!

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Hello! I am new here. I live with my husband in United Arab Emirates. I have a cat named Blanket and she is 2 years old. A friend of mine gave her to me when she was only 7 weeks old. I remember the first time I saw her she was so tiny but long, and was very friendly. She sat on my shoulder! The first night we took her home, she followed us everywhere.

Blanket is my first cat. She is lean, she has leopard prints on her tummy, tiger stripes on the back legs, white chest, razor sharp claws, a long stripy tail, stripes near her eyes and she wears black eyeliner! On one of her "baked beans" (you know the cushion-like paw area!), she has three black polka dots.

Bedtime - when she was a kitten, she liked to sleep underneath my chin with her wet nose (I always love wet nose!) pushed against my neck. Now, she sleeps near my legs or sometimes on my husband's back! Now that she is 2 years old, she likes to sit on my lap, like a proper cat!

She loves to play hide and seek. She is well behaved, never touches the curtains. However, when she was small, she broke 3 vases (2 really large ones). That's what you get when there is a playful cat in the house, I guess!

Feeding time, she would roll on the floor while waiting for me preparing her bowl. She loves boiled chicken breast. She is very fussy about food though.

Blanket is very cheeky. Sometimes, she would paw my leg and run away!

We live in the dessert. I let Blanket out everyday around 7pm. Sometimes, my husband plays chase with her outside and she goes crazy, loving it!

Now she is sleeping somewhere in the house. She will get up around 6-7pm. It's amazing how much joy she brings to my life. I love Blanket very much.
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Welcome to TCS - little Blanket sounds a sweetie.
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Your Blanket is a treasure indeed!
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Blanket sounds so sweet!. Please post pictures of her, we love them!.

She sounds just like Rosie, always up to mischief
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Welcome to the site! Blanket sounds like a reall doll, purrfect little companion.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and I look forward to getting to know you and Blanket on the board!
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To TCS . Your cat sounds very loveley to me .
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Welcome, Blanket sounds so cute! Please post some pics!!!
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Welcome to TCS! Thanks so much for telling us about Blanket, she sounds like such a gem! Can't wait to see pics of her. Enjoy!
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Welcome to TCS to you. your SO and Blanket.

Blanket sounds like such a sweetheart.
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have a very special kitty.
I am quite new here as well, and overall I am very impressed. Everyone here is friendly and very knowledgable!
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I love Blanket's name! How do you like living in the UAE? I've had friends live there for awhile and really liked it. My husband is from Iraq.
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Hope you will enjoy TCS and we would love to see pics of
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Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do. Blanket sounds like such a sweet baby!
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