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That First Feed...

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I'm not entirely sure where to post this. I was tossing up between Behaviour and the Breeders forum. In the end I chose here because it would be more likely to be read by someone with experience with momma cats.

Does mumcat do anything to encourage the first feed of her kittens? Or does it seem programmed in the kittens and they instantly know what to do?

I'm asking after reading Kumbulu's post in her Premature Kitten Care thread that her premmies didn't know how to feed from a mumcat.

Premature Kitten Care Thread in Caring for Strays and Ferals Page 5
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I am not that much of an expert, but when Mia had babies she didn't want anything to do with them, some first moms don't know what to do. It was understandable since she had a c-section, but after the 3rd day we had to put her in the bathroom with her kittens every couple hours until she realized what she was supposed to do.
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All our kittens have just instantly known what to do *shrugs*
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Mags, MA mentioned, "the critical moment with mom where she guides them (with) her purrs to her belly and they grab a nipple and it becomes theirs from that point on." It's very instinctual for a kitten to crawl towards mum, trying to find a nipple, straight after they're born and the scent of the milk also guides them.
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