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New Puppy Dog!

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Hello my feline freinds I hope that you are all doing ok.

I am really excited at the moment. Yesterday I took my two kitties to the vet.....won't get into why but they are both fine

While I was there I saw the cutest little puppy dog she is only a few months old 'heinz 57' she is just adorable....and somehow I managed to pick her up and cuddle her and she was so happy and was making little whimpering noises. She and her sister had both been treated very badly by humans and are very scared of humans...the vets were amazed by the fact that she went to me straight away. she has been there for 1 week and has just started to trust the vets and people who work there. I asked what her name is and that said that they had not named her as she may be put to sleep if a home cannot be found for her....I felt so bad.

Today (Thursday) is our weekend (well Thursday and Friday) and this morning I went to the vet to have a cuddle and when I put her down she looked up at me with massive sad eyes so.....I asked what is happening to her over the weekend and they said she would stay at the vets clinic. So I asked if I could take her home with me and see how the kitties get on with puppy and then I would decide if I would take her for good or not.

I am picking her up in about 1 hour. I am soooooo excited and I am praying that they all get along. I have already worked out a schedule - walking for 1/2 hour each morning and 1/2 hour when I shoot home for lunch and then about 1 hour when I get home from work and then about 1/2 hour before bed. Then weekends will cosist of taking puppy to the beach for nice long walks and swims......I hope it works out

Anyone have any ideas of how to help them get along?
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Dear Amanda :angel2:

I just got a new puppy about two months ago and she's been a thrill for me...not for my cats.

I really don't want to discourage you. My pup's a lab and she's so full of energy and growing like a weed. The cats are not pleased by any means. But, I have her and she's my committment. So, I have to work around that.

I only have one cat that isn't frightened of her. That is Opie of course...so aloof...couldn't care about her unless she gets too close then he bats her really good too...oh boy, then she starts barking at him...that's so funny cause Opie couldn't care less...he looks at her as if she had four eyes. He's so funny...

Your dog may be much calmer than mine. I think it's all in the breed. Some breeds are very hyper. I would suggest that you just introduce them slow and see how it goes.

I have more control over India (India Ink is her real name, she's so black!) with a leash. So, I know that she can't charge at them. She loves the beach, I live on the water, so it's so much fun to take her for walks and runs...she's not so crazy about the water, unless it's very flat. I think it's the sound of the waves that she's frightened of...but I don't care...I rather her be a little scared, that way she's not so bold...ya know?

Overall, it's been a great experience especially watching her grow...she's really gorgeous, extremely intelligent and she's a wonderful companion; but to be quite honest, I am a true feline person; and cats will always be my passion.

I wish you the best Amanda! Keep us posted...

Love, Peace &

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I'm really hoping that it works out for you! It would be wonderful if that little dog could find a loving home, and for you all to be able to live peacefully and harmoniously.

I'll be thinking about you over the weekend, hoping and praying it's going well for you!

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Amanda; Hang in there! It won't be easy, but your little pup sounds like he has a lot of love to give and he will probably be "eager to please". He won't understand why the two kitties don't want to be Best Friends with him, and Bagpuss and Jake, (being Bagpuss and Jake); won't understand why they have to share you. Jake will proably come around first. His curiosity will get the best of him Eventually Bagpuss will not want to be "left out" and she will venture forth to investigate the situation; but she will always be quick to remind this new pet that she and Jake were there first. . . .
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I am feeling totally exhausted and I am not sure if I am coming or going. The kitties HATE the puppy...to the point where Bagpuss and Jake have not eaten or peedd or pooped since Thursday afternoon. Jake and Bagpuss keep having hissy fits and puppy (that is her name right now) thinks they want to play and then corners the kitties and I can tell you the noises that come from those corners are horrific - sounds like something is being murdered!!!

I feel as though I am up to my eye balls in pee and puppy poop.....seems that even thought I take her out like all the time she feels that crapping at home is better than outside. She is taken out out at 8am, 11am 2pm an then at 6pm (althought she woke me up at 4 this morning and so I took her for a walk) when I get home she goes for a nice long walk but she never does her johbs she waits until she gets back into the flat and then leaves me a steaming heap....it is driving me MAD

I spoke to the vet where I get her from and I will try her for a week or so but I thought it really is not fair on the kitties not eating and all if I put them through further discomfort - I try and separate them but I am not sticking up for any one or the other, it is not fair.

Puppy has a lot of energy but all at the wrong times - like the middle of the night she leaps on the bed and chews my toes/ears/fingers....well anywhere she can chew she will...

Anyways I am persevering and hoping that they will get along soon...I do love puppy she is the sweetest thing in the world and she deserves a shot at life...I have taken some photos of her and if she and the kitties do not get along the vet will take her back and I will look for a home for her as well as the vets looking......Do I sound like a bad person if I take her back?
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Amanda - It sounds like you may need to try crate training your puppy. Most people have great luck potty training their dogs using this method, plus it would give your cats some safe time while puppy is in the crate. There is loads of information on crate training on the internet, and there are quite a few methods you can choose from. Before you give up on the little guy, you may want to check into this. I have a lab that comes in during the day, and neither of my cats are too thrilled with her. But I've trained her not to chase the cats, and she's really very good about it. Plus, the cats have the laundry room as their safe room where Daisy can't go. I have the door rigged where it's held open only far enough for the cats to get in, but no one else (also good to get away from the kiddos).

I feel for you, I really do. I haven't house trained a dog in a long time, but I do remember how difficult it is. But, puppies grow up into wonderful dogs and they can be such wonderful friends (even to cats sometimes!).
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Amanda - don't give up. This is the hardest time for all involved - the first few days are always TERRIBLE. Things will settle down - I like the crate idea. Maybe the vet can loan you one for this trial pre-adoptive period.
Best Wishes!
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Just want to wish you luck with your puppy. I have never used the crate method but have been told it is the best way to train a pup. I would like to know how it is done as someday maybe...........
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Amanda Dear; The crate method works! I can vouch for that!!! It is based on the principal that the pup will not poop or pee in his immediate environment. BUT you must get him directly outside afer he has been in crate long enough that you KNOW he needs to go AND stay out with him until he goes!!! (or he will eliminate immediately upon re-entering the house) When you do come back in; he goes directly to the cage again until the idea sinks in that "outside" is for potty.

As far as the problem of adusting Bagpuss and Jake to your puppy. I think one time Hissy gave someone some excellent advice on this subject. I will try to find the thread in the archives or you could PM her; she is always so good to help. I know she has had to face the problem of dogs and cats so-exhisting many times. Good luck, kiddo. Hang in there. . . . . .

Idea for puppy's name No, No, "Nanette"! I'm sure she has already heard the no, no, part enough that she may think that is her name :laughing2
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Dear Amanda,

I too have gone wacko trying to housebreak India, aside from everything else, she eats just about anything...including furniture, but, I did get her and I refuse to bring her back only because I fear how it would affect her mental state. (Now that mine has left me, there must be someone in the house that has stability)

Stepping into piles of S@## is not the best way to welcome people into your home... She is a "PUPPY" My friends tell me this in order to reinforce that committing suicide is not the way out.

Everyone that has suggested the crate method is absolutely right. I haven't done that as yet, but I will very soon...my vet bills are tremendous this time of year, due to yearly checks, blah, blah, blah, and now, I have a new kitten that's sick

So...you can see, you're not the only person babe. Give it a chance, I know it's not easy. As for your cats...that's another story...my cat's hate the puppy (who has now grown into a size 11 shoe)...she wants to play with them, but they are meaner that cat#### and will knock her silly if she gets too close. I pray that this won't last as I, nor they, don't need this type of stress. So, I will have to work on that one right along with you.

I'll keep you posted if I find the miracle solution, or even something remotely close that sounds like a good idea

Have a great rest of the weekend...

Love, Peace & Here's a pic that gives me hope!

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Ahhh introducing cats and a puppy. I've had my two cats for most of their life, less than a year. They are my babies. They run the house. Then, for protection and becuse he was being abused, I took in Rocky. A 90 pound puppy. He's a black shar pei chow mix. Huge! Well when I first got him, the cats hated him. He didn't mind the cats, he just wanted to play. So I left him tied up and let the cats walk in the room for about an hour each day. I did this for about 2 weeks. Then one day I left the house and let the cats loose. With the dog tied up. When I came back home a few hours later, the house was torn apart, trash and litter everywhere. I look to where the dog was tied up and he was gone. Then I look in my bedroom and on my bed are the two cats and the dog all sleeping in the same area. Hissing and swating still goes on, but for the most part, they play together. Good luck, I hope this gives you hope. It takes time.
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Hi all thanks so much for you words of encouragement.....I am still trying. I got pretty pissed off with her last night - she peed all over the bed in the middle of the night. When I say all over I mean all over, in the middle then she must have done something like spun around in circles mid-stream, there was pee at the top of the bed under the duvet, on my pillows on the edge of the bed.....everywhere. I will look into this crate thing today.

She hurt Bagpuss quite badly last night aswell, she basically ran full pelt at Bagpuss and bowled her over and she slamed her into the door...she is limping quite badly - I am going to leave her until this afternoon and see if it is just an attention seeking ploy....

I am trying but as I already mentioned to the vet who was looking after her, this is a tempory thing, it is until they find a permanant home for her, this is because I still thinks she needs a place with a garden and she is also very energetic so someone who is not working all day long to be able to look after her and give her the attention she needs and the walks etc. I just could not bear to think she was going to be put to sleep last Thursday she deserves a chance of life at 9 weeks old so I am buying her time. I do love her already very much she is just adirable, but I know now that there is not a hope in hell Jake will accept her, I just know him far too well! Cat the pic of your pooch and kitty is just adorable
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Crate training! Dawn has it 100%! I foster animals until they get adopted out and always crate train! Dogs / puppies do not like to go to the bathroom where they sleep and eat. They will whine when they need to go out - actually they usually whine when they don't need to go out, but a water gun or the like and spray them (not in the eyes) or a pop can with pennies will usually nip that in the bud! It also keeps them from chewing. Please try this - where do you live? I'm in Michigan and have an "extra" crate or 2 that I could loan you. Heck I put new cats in crates (large enough for them, the litter box and play) when I first bring them home

dogs actually like crates - den instinct!

Please keep us posted!

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