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Feral cats in kill shelter need help!!

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Hi all! I'm Julie. I am new here. I was sent here because I hear you guys are the ones that may be able to help. The shelter I volunteer at has 8 "feral" owner turn ins. They have not been socialized and are not friendly at all...so they can't be adopted. We don't have feral colonies or anything like that around here. I am hoping that they can be moved to a rescue or a safe colony somewhere. I am in WV. I am calling Alley Cat Allies first thing tomorrow. I don't have much time to work with. I asked the shelter for a couple of days to see if I could get any leads or assistance.
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There is a list of No-Kill Shelters listed by state at the top of this forum.

I wish I could help you more but I simply don't know how. Hopefully other members of this forum are able to provide you with more leads and assistance.
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cats....one more place to try for help:

Best Friends Network at (435) 644-2001 ext 123, or e-mail them at bfnetwork@bestfriends.org

Tell them where you are located and that it is urgent.

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Originally posted by catsnkids
We don't have feral colonies or anything like that around here.
Hi Julie,

Welcome, and I am sorry I can't provide much immediate emergency help. But, I was wondering how you can say you don't have feral colonies around where you are. How have you decided that -- do you mean, you do not have laws that define such a thing? If so, you're in the same boat with many here. If you truly think that you only have these 8 cats that are feral, um, I hate to break this to you, but, surprise, you very likely have other cats out there too. MANY people tell us that "I've never seen a feral cat" but when we ask them if they can associate a face of a human with each cat they see, then they start to change their tune.

Do you have a foster network you have access to? Ask some of them to consider a special project. My group is not near you -- we are in Maryland -- but we could probably do some coaching by email, and it IS possible to re-socialize a domestic cat gone feral, provided you have someone with patience and some ordinary cat-savvy willing to spend time on it.
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Cats...I have some new info. for you..there is a barn that is looking for a pair of cats:

Subject: [DC-Rescue] Barn available

Barn available for 2 dog savvy cats...sounds like a nice place, but they do
have an Aussie Shepherd dog so the cats need to be dog savvy.

If anybody has a pair please let me know.


Please check our web site: http://www.metropets.org/YellowPages/Orgs/ for lists of rescue organizations and shelters.

Also..I was told to have you call this number:

Forward Val's email to her and have her contact Help for Animals at
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Thanks guys...
Linda, about the ferals, I don't know how to explain it. I'm sure that yes, there are feral cats here, but they are not brought to the public's attention. These cats were actually an owner turn in, they have just never been socialized. I cannot explain how things are here, you would just have to see it for yourself. Our animal shelter has a constant struggle to even have funds to operate. They built their building because somebody died and left the land and someone else died and left the money to build the shelter. The people of this county refuse to pay extra taxes for the shelter and many say we don't need a shelter. If a large enough colony of feral cats appeared I am sure someone would take care of it quietly ( and I don't mean care of in the way of feeding them and keeping them safe). Don't get me wrong, there are alot of nice, kind people here, but just as an example, less than a year ago someone went up my street shooting cats with a bb gun. My cats were safe inside, but many of the neighbors were not. It was reported to the police and nothing else was ever heard about it. I am rambling off topic a little, but I don't know how else to explain it. I also know of people putting poison out because their neighbors were feeding outdoor cats and they just thought there were too many hanging around......Very sad situation and I'm sure my town is not even close tothe only one like this.

I have called about 10 million people about these cats today(a slight exaggeration-but I have to beat the hubby to the phone bill LOL) . I am going to call and e-mail the person TNR listed above as a last resort. I'm afraid if it doesn't help I have failed on this one, but it will certainly not be from lack of trying.
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DEar catsnkids,
How well i know what you are talking about.
It is the same here where I live.
I am caring for many many strays and feral cats and kittens right now.
I live in a trailer park and it is over run and no one is doing anything but me.
I feed them, spay/neuter them as i can. but my funds are limited and the "humane" society here isn't much help. They told me to ignore the outside kitties and they will eventually just all die. Great approach. And not very humane or caring either. I realize their resources are limited but that is just really wrong of them to feel that way.
Anyway, my goal is to stop the kittens. But it is not easy as it seems that everyone is against me. I have even had treats of eviction for helping the cats. It seems as everyone just wants all the cats to go away and they don't care how that is achieved.
By my work I have saved the trailer park from having hundreds of cats. And the current manager recognizes this. But unfortunately, there is to be a management change next month. The new manager is currently the maintenance man. He hates cats and he hates me for helping them. I fear the worst is about to happen.
So I do understand how hard it is for you. It is hard for me but so worth it when I get kitty loved.
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Please click here and read LDG's response. She gives a list of resources to help fund trapping and neutering feral cats. Perhaps you will be able to find some people to help you trap and some vets who can work with you on costs. There are many groups out there that are working to solve the feral cat problem, so perhaps one can help you!

Good luck!
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