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Hi. Here's my family.

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Thought I'd introduce my family here. I've had Red Cat about four years. He had been abandoned by his first family when they moved, then fed by a second family, but basically lived outdoors for a year before I got him. He's the biggest scaredy cat you ever did see when it comes to people. When I was gone for six days at Christmas, my pet sitter never could find the cats in the house, though she knew they were eating and were using the little box. Red Cat is extremely territorial. The only problem is, I believe he thinks the whole town is his territory. He has the battle scars that show from many a fight.

I've had Purdy about three years. He wandered the neighborhood for at least six months as a stray before I finally decided that the only way to keep Red Cat from getting in more fights with him was to catch him and turn him over to PAWS. Well, after I caught him, I discovered that he had an absess (for which Red Cat was probably responsible), and I learned that the local PAWS was closing at that time. So.....long story short, I kept him. We had lots of fights in the early months, though. Had a cat fight right over the top of our bed with us in it the first night!

They are mostly buddies now. Except when Red Cat thinks Purdy is getting too much of my attention. Then he tries to beat up on Purdy. He never takes it out on me, though.
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Both of your cats are very pretty and I think the little black on Purdy nose looks so cute on him . I love red cats
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Welcome to TCS!

Both of your cats are very cute and sound like they have great personalities.
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They're lovely fellows! Welcome to TCS!
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welcome!!! Your babies are abosulutely stunning! Could we have more pics pls?
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Fab cats! Welcome to TCS
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Red Cat and Purdy are a handsome pair!
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Awwww how sweet they are, gorgeous colours
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Welcome to the site! What gorgeous ginger boys you have!!! And I think it's just wonderful that you took them in off the street and gave them a proper home.

Are your boys neutered? If not, that would really help with the fighting and wandering.
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Well I think Purdy looks pretty in that picture, but I think Red Cat looks just plain mean in his. He certainly was not happy! But in four years, that is the only photo I have of Red Cat. He is camera shy! As you can see, he was hiding under a dresser to get away from the camera in the photo. When he sees a camera, he either hides or immediately comes toward me to be petted, so he doesn't stay in focus long enough to photograph. I'll eventually get out more photos of Purdy, though, and maybe I can make another effort with Red Cat.

On the neutering thing, I don't know much about cats. (Okay, I know a lot of you are going to laugh.) Is there more than one way to neuter? Ahem, how shall I say this? Red Cat doesn't LOOK like Purdy, who was neutered before I got him. But the family I got Red Cat from said that when they took over feeding him after he was abandoned by the first family, they took him to a veterinarian. The vet agreed to neuter him for free if they paid for treating his abscess and other problems. But they didn't know any more about cats than I do. LOL! So maybe he isn't neutered. I don't know.
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You know, I'm not sure! LOL I haven't spend much time studying the, erm, anatomy of neutered vs. unneutered cats! I would say that next time you have to take him to the vet, just have them take a peek. They should be able to tell just by looking and/or feeling.
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Hey that first kitty looks like Mary Annes Cyclone!! What beaut cats you have.
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Welcome to TCS
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They are gorgeous boys!!! I love ginger kitties!!
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your furbabies are adorable
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how beautiful they are so lovely. glad to meet you
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Thanks for the welcome, all. I'm beginning to feel at home here.

Here is another picture of Purdy. He's enjoying the outdoors this time. This was taken last summer, but he is still every bit as handsome as he ever was.
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Okay, here he is:

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And here is another picture of Red Cat. I've had him on a diet and he has lost about a pound. He is down to 14.07 pounds now. That boy does enjoy his food and has a very LOUD voice with which to complain that I'm not giving him enough.

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Those last two pictures are great! You should do an outdoor series. We can never get enough pictures around here.
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I don't have very many photos of my cats, especially of Red Cat. But I did find another cute one of Purdy, even though he is only in the background. He looks pretty nonchalant about having a raccoon at my door, doesn't he? Could be because the way I originally got Purdy was that as a stray in the area, he was stealing the food I put out for the raccoons. I've had both raccoons and cats waiting for me on my steps many a time. Usually they just keep their distance from each other. When a raccoon would get too close, Purdy would hiss and swat at their face and they would back off. Red Cat, though the dominant of the two cats, would run from a raccoon.

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Those pics are soooooo cute My favored one is the pic with the raccoon , that is to cute
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These pictures are absolutely adorable!
I do love the last one with the raccoon, kind of looks like they're friends, hanging out.
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Okay, I was able to get more photos of Red Cat last night. Previously he was always so camera shy that it was almost impossible to get a photo of him. Either he is getting used to the camera, with me taking a lot of photos of Purdy and other things, or it is just that the poor thing is so drugged out on his anti-depressant this week that he no longer cares.

Here is one that shows a bit of his poor bare belly. He has been licking and pulling his hair out for months, poor baby. He never lies on his back and rarely exposes his belly at all, so it is often hard for me to even see how he is doing.

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Here my baby just looks drugged, which he was (and still is). It is just so sad to see him this way, as he is usually such a ball of energy. But I don't like to see him pull all his hair out until his belly is raw, either. I never dreamed I'd end up with a neurotic cat!

And here Red Cat just seems to have such a pained expression on his face, that that is sad, too. He just doesn't look like his old, fat self.

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