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Feeding Question

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I currently have one Wegie (Kjartan) who is almost one year old, the doctor has ordered a special diet for him (sort of: light cat food mixed with regular, not becasue he is overweight but because he gets diarrhea from super high protein and fat foods). On Saturday, however, I go to pick up my other Wegie kitten (Lofdi). Kitten food is exactly what Kjartan does not need, so I need practical advice on how to get Lofdi his kitten food and keep Kjartan out of it. BTW: Kjartan currently gets a 4:5 mix of Royal Canin: Main Coon 31 and Science Diet Adult Light, Lofdi eats (at the breeders and what I have for him) Nutro & Eukanuba mixed.
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I would feed them in separate areas, and if one runs to the other dish anyway, have them eat in separate rooms. Other people might have advise on how to teach them to eat out of their own bowls, since i don't know. Good luck!
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You can also buy an inexpensive rubber bin large enough for your kitten, and start feeding her in that. Simply cut a hole in it large enough only for the one cat, and then cut air holes all the way around it as well. Use it for a feeding place- to where the overweight cat can't fit into the hole. (don't be surprised if the kitten just lays down inside and goes to sleep inside of it after eating though)
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Yet another option is to feed them in their carriers - which is actually a good way to make them like their carriers.

I have no trouble getting my boys into their carriers, because they've always been out there from day one; they get treats in there (I clicker train them, so I trained them to go into their carrier), and they often nap in there of their own volition.

If you're worried about cleanup, check out http://www.catpaper.com/

Just tape some in there, and throw away the top sheet when your cat is done.

Now, cats can sometimes be trained to leave another's food (if you're present, too). I feed my eldest separate, as she has CRF & gets meds in her foods.

Simba enjoys lounging on the mat on the counter in the bathroom where Puss is fed. I began training him to leave her alone while I was feeding her by simply doing a little clicker training with him while she ate - so he got treats for staying on the counter while she eats.

Now I can feed her with him in there, and he just lays on his mat. And Simba's a real hoover, too. I certainly wouldn't trust him if I wasn't there, but he's never tried to get at her food while I'm there, and luckily she'll eat while he's there (considering she hates him and still has a hissy fit whenever he gets too near, I consider that quite an accomplishment).
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