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Brewer yeast

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I have read an article about the supplement of brewer yeast. But I don't know what is berwer yeast? Is it the same with the ordinary yeast in my bread? And how can I get it?
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Brewers Yeast is actually a suppliment you will find at a health and nutrition store. I am not sure of all the uses, my book is at home but thats where you will find it. You can also check any general stores like k mart, wal mart or target. They usually carry the basics.
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Brewers Yeast Tablets (manufactured from hops, a
by-product of beer) are sometimes known as the
"nutritional yeast product".

This product contains all major B Group Vitamins except for B12, & also contains most amino acids & several minerals.

For cat and dog lovers: mix Brewers Yeast tablets in with your pet's food (just 1-2), and this will help prevent fleas.

Brewers Yeast Tablets may be beneficial in:

Supplying the body with important B Group
Assisting with nervousness & nervous stomachs.

When taken 3 times daily, this product may also
assist with minor skin problems - eg pimples &
some forms of acne.
Reduced Stress
Increased alertness
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Bear in mind though that for lots of animals brewer's yeast can cause itching- I know this is often true for dogs, and I suspect the same would go for cats but I don't have direct experience with cats and brewer's yeast. It can bring about itching especially for pets with allergies or yeast problems (when of course you wouldn't want to introduce any *more* yeast into their system and want to avoid grains and sugars). It can be a good supplement, but it's good to know the potential for itchiness and keep an eye on things. Neither one of my dogs, for example, can tolerate brewer's yeast, and I haven't even tried it on my cats.
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