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please help, my baby cat

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I don't know what's wrong

He came in and he is limping and won't let me near him, tried to pick him up and he is growling, hissing being very vocal crying, not mewing. He won't even have chicken. He is hiding under the table.

I rung the vet and got an appointment for tomorrow........ could he have been in a fight? He isn't bleeding........ oh god please, can't sleep very worried about him.........

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He could have been in a fight, it is nearing mating season and if he was outside, and intact male could have challenged him. He also could have fallen from a distance and landed wrong. Do you have a cat carrier, or a cardboard box big enough for him to lay down in? Set up the box with a lot of soft bedding for him, drape it with a blanket to make a cave, (leaving an air pocket) and I will bet he will go in and lay down. You can do the same with the cat carrier if no box is handy- and drape it with a towel to make it nice and dark, prop the door open and just place it in a quiet part of the house. Most cats when they are injured, they welcome the dark and the peace and quiet to sleep and regenerate if they can. My bet is on a cat bite, so a vet visit is important so that the bite doesn't become infected and your cat become ill.
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Poor kitty, Please let us know what is wrong with your little bundle of fur!
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Clare - How is he?????????????
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He has a bite on his leg, the vet gave him a shot of anti-biotics and some to take home and give him in his food.

He is much better now, thank you

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I'm glad to here your baby feels better!
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Yeah - I am so glas the Vet was able to help your baby!

Please give him plenty of XOXOXOXOXOOXO
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