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Watery Eyes

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Ones of my cats eyes started to water yesterday and today it is worse.

She is sort of sqwinting a little here and there. And it keeps on watering.

I can't afford the vet.. but if I have no alternative choice I will take her.

I was hoping someone would have an idea as to what may be wrong (if anything at all).

I wipped her eye area with a wet papertowel, but it didn't make any difference.

Please help


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Hi Maggie!

Is the rims of her eye red or swollen? If so, she might have an infection & you'll have to take her to a vet.

As for a temporary thing to do, you could wipe her eye with a warm wet wash cloth. Don't use a paper towel because the fibers from it could get into her eye and make it worse.

She may have allergies too instead of an infection. Has anything changed around her? New litter? Have you had your windows open lately? There might be something in the air thats is causing it or a new litter could be aggravating it.

Hope this helps you!
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Hi Shell,

The rims of her eye does not look red or puffy.

I had the windows open all day. I normally don't. Maybe that could be it. Nothing else has really changed around here.

I will try what you said about the washcloth instead of papertowel.

Thank you for replying to my post so quickly. Whenever something is wrong with her, I start to get really sick too. She is my baby.

I hope her eye gets better.. I can't get anything done in times like this

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Is the discharge clear? Or is it cloudy or goopy looking?
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Hi Hissy,

It is clear..

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Maggie, Animal Eye Clinic has the best breakdown about what to look for in a cat's eyes and what it could possibly mean:

Animal Eye Clinic
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Today her eye is worse.

She is sqwinting even more. Barely keeping it open. The wet towel does not help. The upper lid is now swollen and the rims are starting to get a little red and puffy.

I am going to bite the bullet and take her to the vet. She has an appointment for this evening.

I hope she does not have any of the eye problems that are listed at that eye clinic website. I cried when I saw those pictures.

I didn't sleep last night because I am so worried. I have had her since she was 2 weeks old, and now she is 15. I love her so much.

Please keep Samy in your prayers today

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She will be okay, please don't worry. Taking her to the vet is a good call. Let us know what they find out okay?

I didn't mean to make you cry by sending you that website link. They just explain so many problems in such a thorough way. I am sorry I added to your anxiety.
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I am sending you positive thoughts when you take your baby to the vet. Like Hissy, I am sure she will be okay.
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thank you

You are all wonderful people with such big hearts.

My husband is not very comforting.

:angel2: God bless all of you and your furry friends :angel2:
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I'm sorry to hear that her eye is getting worse. I'm sure the Vet will fix her up & she'll be better before you even know it! Good luck tonight at the vet & please let us know how it went!
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Samantha is okay!

I am so happy

The vet said that she can't see any cuts and no infection. She said to monitor her progress for the next couple of days. It may have been a minor infection that is getting better quickly or just something in her eye.

I will pray for her untill she is completely better. She still has a little ways to go.

My husband was pissed that I didn't wait and save the money. But Samy is my baby.

Thank you for all of your support. You guys are great, you know?!?!

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