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Felix always losses weight when...

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I'm still concerned about this and I can't let it go. People have told me that it's totally normal but it's odd to me. Whenever Felix eats dry food only, he gets chubby and lethargic at times. However, when he eats raw meat only, he losses so much weight. He becomes so skinny I get scared.

Is this too slim?
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He looks good to me.  I think we're just so used to seeing larger cats because of various diet/food problems. Dry food is usually packed with carbs and many cats gain weight on a dry food only diet. 

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@Graceful-Lily is the diet you are feeding balanced? If you are only feeding raw meat, this doesn't have all the vitamins/minerals he needs and this could certainly contribute to him being underweight if he is.
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They are currently getting about 80% muscle meat and the rest is bone and organ. But they also get one can of wet food along with that. I know it's not balanced on its own.
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If more than 10% of the overall diet is unbalanced, this could very well be the issue, especially if it is fed for more than 5 days.
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But how can it be unbalanced if wet food is added daily?
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It depends on how much canned food they get. If they only get a 3 oz can, this is typically 80-100 kcals. Most cats need 200-230 kcals per day. So, this would mean that only half of their diet is balanced.

If they are getting a 5.5 oz can of wet (150-200 kcals) and you're just supplementing with the meat you are likely ok.
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Alright, they are good then. I buy the big cans. I think it's about 6oz.
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