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A few weird questions...

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My cat Leo, whom I've had since he was born (his mother was a feral cat I befriended after a year's work). Since he was a kitten, he's had the habit of licking others - not cats, but people, namely ME. I've gotten quite used to it, but have never had another cat that does it. It's almost like he thinks my skin needs groomed especially does it after I've showered and changed, also rubs the side of his face against me (replacing his scent??)

The other thing is exhaling. Deep breaths, sighs, followed by a strong exhale, or blowing on him, make him start purring, flop over, play cute, rub his face on you, etc. Again, a trait I've never seen in another cat. Anyone else had one that exhibits any of these two peculiar behaviors? Like I said both have been from Day 1, so it's nothing newly developed, just odd, though I've grown used to them. Could be he's just plain weird
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If Leo is weird, he isn't alone.

My Cat, Pounce, goes nuts with licking me and rubbing her head on me after I shower.

She has also exhibited the same reaction as Leo does to my breathing - but not every time, just when she's in the mood.

This has been from day one, as a 9-week old kitten. She's 4 1/2 yrs. old now, and still at it.

In our case, we spend most of our lives cooped up together in a Freightliner, travelling the country - which is enough to make both of us a little 'weird'.

Some Cats are just 'extra-special' (or are Aliens practicing Mind Control over us, which I sometimes think is the case with Pounce).

SHE picked ME out of a crowd (at a time that I had NO intention of adopting a Cat) and was promptly adopted by me - if that tells you anything.

If Leo is rubbing you with the side of his head, he's just being friendly. The "marker scent" glands are located above the nose, just above eye level (or, in this pic of Pounce, at about the point of the V-stripe just above eye level in the center). That's the point on her head that she "works me over with" at length, whenever I need "re-marking".

Certainly not ALL Cats are like this. But it's just a sign that you've got a special friend there that REALLY likes you. Just enjoy it!
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I have three that have lick fests. Kahuna, my 10 year old Siamese mix ever since being rescued as a baby has to lick the bridge of my nose three times and my cheek twice before settling down to sleep at night. If I am not ready for bed when he is, he comes to find me and cries until I let him have his lick fit then he goes in and lays down.

Winkin also likes to lick on place on my arm, and Tazzygirl licks me everytime I pet her. I have no idea why? Liking the salt, or the body sweat, or the type of soap we use? But I do have cats with that trait and just let them have at it.
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Mine both lick on occasion, but not often. It always seems to happen, though, after I have been brushing them. I just assumed it was their way of returning the favor. I groomed them, now they will "groom" me.
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Mine nuzzle, lick and head butt all the time. I think it's their way of expressing affection and "claiming me."
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My Rocket will rub and headbutt me if I blow on him and he purrs like a wild man(ERR Cat sorry! LOL) He loves to knead my hair when I am in bed, right after I get into bed at night and right after I hit the snooze for the first time( yes there are a few times LOL!)in the am.
Twig will come up and lay on my chest at night after everything is quiet(about 2 or 3 am!) but he never seems to want to rub his face on mine or things like that, he just likes to sit on my chest and purr for a couple of minutes and I pet him and them he goes to the chair to sleep.
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Summer also likes to lick. She often licks my hand when I'm petting her, which I don't mind....it's her way of showing affection. Plus, it's easy to go and wash my hands afterwards.
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