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Hello, newbie here

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Just found this site this morning, and love it! There's so much to look at and do, and I love reading about everyone's cats. Mine is a 3yo male shorthair, orange w/ stripes, named Leo. I've already made a page for him, but it's waiting to be approved, so have attached this picture for now. Anyway I'm looking forward to participating in these great discussions, and am glad to know there's a place like this to discuss anything and everything about cats!

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Welcome! You've found a great site. The people here are fantastic and very knowledgable. I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and Leo is very cute! He looks so comfortable in that picture!
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Welcome to the site!!!


P.S. Leo is adorable.
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Welcome to the site! Leo looks like he's a very content kitty in that picture. Very cute!
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What a cute cat!

Welcome to TCS!
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hello to TCS..... your baby looks just like my cat Newman,He's 7 yrs old.... I love orange tabbys......they have lots of
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Aww... Leo is a cutie

Welcome to TCS
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To TCS and enjoy your stay . Your Leo is very pretty
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HELLO and hope you enjoy TCS and its catpeople!
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Welcome to TCS.

Leo is beautiful.
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Hello and welcome to TCS
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Love Leo's picture!
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Welcome to the site Leo's mum!. First impression of him is 'GORGEOUS'. Cant wait to see more of little Leo!
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Thanks for the warm welcome! Leo had a big day today, we went to the vet for his annual vaccinations, and FINALLY got the micropchip! That plus a Help4Pets tag on his collar will allow me peace of mind from now on...he's an indoor cat, but there's always that worry of getting out (as he's done on 2 occasions the last few years). Luckily each time he came running when he heard mum call, no matter how interesting the unexplored was looking. Anyway, vet gave him a clean bill of health, he's up to date on everything, and now has a permanent ID. I'll sleep much better from now on
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Welcome to TCS! Leo is very beautiful! Glad he got the all clear.
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Your kitty is very cute! Looks like he has quite the little personality!
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Leo's a lovely boy, and that's a neat pic. Welcome to TCS!
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