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Members pictures

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how do I find the pictures of the members? Thanks
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Here ya go....
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Sherral it's stickied at the top of the Cat Lounge under Anne's Super Duper Important Threads post
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Ooooooh i did'nt know there was a members gallery!.

I always like to put a face to a voice if that makes sence?!.
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How do I add my picture to the Gallery??

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Maggie, next time Jenn goes to update the gallery she makes a general announcement in the cat lounge. Then you send your picture to her and she adds it-
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You see?

All these guys that want to meet women - they hang out in the porn chat rooms.


If you want to meet pretty ladies, you learn to hang out at the CAT site. Awwwwww, yeahhhh.....

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You can also just post your picture in the Pictures Pictures thread where she gleans photos from when updating the Member's Gallery.
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