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wonder what makes some people tick?

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Some of you may recall that I shared awhile ago about how a friend who was having a sale of her own volunteered to sell some of our custom knives and pocket knives. She took with her 85 of our knives, and when I called her later that day to see how the sale was going, she said she sold all of them! I was so thrilled, until she told me that she sold them for $85.00 for all of them! (The value of the knives she took was $500.00!) We did call the law, but were told that since she was acting as our agent, and neither of us were there to safeguard the products (who knew we would have to?) we were SOL.

Ok, so this week I get a letter from her telling us she knows she really messed up and to make it up to us please accept the following. When I opened the letter, there was no money in it, instead it was a tax donation letter from a company, thanking my husband and I for donating $500.00 THAT WE NEVER DID! I don't even know who this company is, and so I called this woman and told her she had no right to involve us in this. Am I wrong in thinking this is a fraudulent tax deal? She seemed to think it was on the up-and-up and has called about every 10 minutes trying to get me to change my mind- to stop her own guilt I think, but I have torn up the letter, and now I am looking for that darn alka-seltzer tablet! What is with some people anyway?
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Hissy; This woman is a Basket Case! Please don't buy into or participate in this in any form.
A good friend of mine who is a corporate lawyer had a run in with a "scam" similar to this in the Kansas City area just a couple of years ago. A group of supposedly well-respected business men thought that they could give these letters of Tax Deduction in exchange or barter for services received from an auto repair shop. The owner of the Auto Shop contacted my lawyer friend about the validity of accepting such letters in trade and was told, in no short order; that anyone accepting these letters would be proecuted along with those that forged and/or offered them. Drop this woman like a hot poker! If someone turns her in; she sounds like the type that is not above mentioning that you and Mike accepted these documents(or she may even lie and say that YOU pressured HER into preparing and presenting you with these letters) as some form of "Restitution".
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I have already spoken to our attorney and he told me to write about my confusion right there on the letter that was sent, and then to file it away, because if the company reports that they got this money from us- which they didn't! GRRRR Then we could get in trouble unless we show proof that we got it, and did the right thing with it. Man people sure have their nerve. We had to take our phone off the hook because she wouldn't quit calling us! Like I need this chit right now!
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I love the part about how she thinks she is making some type of restitution without ever opening her wallet. What nerve!
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that was my thought. she felt so 'guilty' about what happened, so she made some random donation (and I question that) to make up for it?!?!? Hellooooooo.....that's not going to cut it.

If she felt that bad, she should have coughed up the $$$$$ that she cost you.

You were right in taking your phone off the hook.
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I got the impression that no $$ ever changed hands on this "donation" deal.

If she feels that guilty, she could always break out her checkbook as a gesture to ease her guilt.

Hissy, she is best avoided. At any age, we sometimes still insist on learning things the hard way. Chalk it up to experience and be done with it.
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I'm with 3LK you really are better off to severe relations with this woman. From what you've told us about her, it sounds like something is not right with her.
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I bet she sold those knives for 500$ and only gave you 85$....

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Hissy! I hope everything upsetting will justify the means! I love you!
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